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Drink Tea Ride Bikes

Friday, November 29th 2013 @ 12:51 PM

Yorkshire, UK - Tea can be so perfectly paired with other activities. Drink Tea Ride Bikes has created a combination of limited edition clothing and perfectly blended tea for tea drinking bike enthusiasts.

T-shirts are all hand printed and produced in limited edition quantities, which enables DTRB to share with you the little inspiring moments, as we live our lives on bikes. A continual release of Yorkshire-born designs help keep the Drink Tea Ride Bikes collection fresh and always evolving. From T-shirts to tea bags, carefully selected teas are perfectly blended for cyclists and tea connoisseurs alike. After years of dedicated research, they have concluded that no science based recovery drink quite hits the spot when compared to a good old cuppa after a fun day in the saddle.

Founded in Yorkshire in 2012, Drink Tea Ride Bikes grew from a quick sketch book doodle into the movement it is today. Tea drinking bike enthusiasts Sam Needham (founder) and Robin Puplett (co-founder) are the creative partnership behind the brand and the source of all design, communication, testing and tasting. Between them the duo have a wealth of experience in the world of bikes. Sam Needham, the established and well-respected cycling photographer and designer, who loves nothing more than being in the hills. Man of many layers and lifelong bike addict, Robin Puplett's background includes work as marketing manager for Altura Technical Bikewear, Burton Snowboards & Gravis Footwear.

"We love riding bikes, we love the good times and we love a good cuppa. That's what DTRB is all about, having fun and getting out on two wheels" - Sam Needham 2013.

"It's crazy how fast we have progressed to this stage and it's only just the beginning. These are exciting and busy times for us and we've got so much more in the pipeline" - Robin Puplett 2013.

Visit their online shop www.drinktearidebikes.co.uk where they will welcome you to the tea drinking bike riding culture. Relish the good times and look out for them at events.




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