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Thursday, September 5th 2013 @ 4:24 PM

New York, NY – September 4, 2013 – New York-based brand and innovation firm, Beardwood&Co., is helping Wissotzky Tea, a family-owned tea company since 1849; introduce its Signature line of teas into the US market this fall. According to The Tea Association of the USA, consumer interest in specialty teas is accelerating rapidly and supermarkets are devoting more shelf space to accommodate a more extensive array of products. Wissotzky Tea is the leading tea brand in Israel and is known for exceptional quality blends among tea connoisseurs worldwide.


“Wissotzky Tea has delicious blends and an authentic heritage story,” says Julia Beardwood, founder, Beardwood&Co. “The challenge was how to best tell their story to US tea drinkers and help the brand stand out in a crowded category.  We discovered that American tea lovers were impressed by the true history of a family of tea connoisseurs that has been creating outstanding teas since 1849,” she says.


Working in partnership with The Green Seed Group, a company that helps international food and beverage brands enter the US, Wissotzky identified a market opportunity between the premium and super premium segments: a tea more special for everyday use without being overpriced. According to David Cohen, General Manager, Wissotzky Tea USA, “Beardwood contributed their thinking and understanding of the category in the US, which was crucial to successfully translate and communicate our messages and values. They understood how consumers perceive the category and how to create differentiation from other brands.”


In the competitive tea section, Wissotzky Tea stands out with a sophisticated, simple design featuring an iconic teacup against an elegant black background. According to Sarah Williams, Partner/Creative Director, Beardwood&Co, “Unlike most tea brands that focus on tea ingredients or illustrations, the Signature collection has glamorous photography of the pyramid silk tea bags and an overhead view of the teacup to appeal to people on an emotional, visceral level.  It’s a personal invitation to take time out and have an amazing cup of tea.” The black background is used as the unifying brand color while bright, color-coded lids create a billboard effect and identify the ten flavors. “We also adapted the logo for the US market by incorporating the family crest (a ship) within the gold-embossed logo and adding a signature of Klonimus Wissotzky, the company’s founder, to reinforce the brand’s heritage,” notes Williams. Beardwood used the back panel to further tell the Wissotzky family story. 



Wissotzky is also the first major tea company to feature Nana Mint (a popular Mediterranean flavor) in several of its blends for the US grocery channel. Nana is renowned for a distinctly soft smooth flavor that is noticeably different from traditional Spearmint and Peppermint. The Nana Mint flavors will be used to encourage trial among black tea, green tea and herbal tea drinkers who crave a fresh mint flavor with a hint of sweetness.


In preparation for the fall 2013 national roll out, Wissotzky is launching a microsite for the Signature collection and creating brand awareness with a social media campaign on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, along with other PR activities. 



About Beardwood&Co.

Beardwood&Co. (www.beardwood.com) are problem solvers that connect brands with people on a human level. Comprised of strategists driven by creative potential and designers inspired by human insights, Beardwood&Co. focuses on brand, insight and innovation. The high-level team has earned long-term clients including Westin, Bath & Body Works, Sperry-Topsider, Lego and Honest Tea.


About Wissotzky Tea

Wissotzky tea (www.wtea.com) a family owned company has been dedicated to exploring and blending extra ordinary teas for over 160 years. Founded by Klonimus W. Wissotzky in Moscow in 1849. Presently the company's HQ located in Israel with offices in New York and London. Wissotzky distributes worldwide and recently launched its Signature Collection in the US.

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