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New Line of Teas by The Foreign Office Inspired by Cities Around the World

Friday, August 19th 2011 @ 9:10 PM

The Foreign Office Teas Debuted on the New Product Display at the New York International Home and Gift Fair, August 14-18, 2011

The Foreign Office, a lifestyle brand for professionals who want the world at their desk, has launched a new line of sophisticated, caffeinated teas inspired by some of the most exciting and energetic cities around the globe. The teas made their world debut at the New York International Home and Gift Fair, August 14 through 18 at the Jacob K. Javits Center.

The Foreign Office was “opened” in spring 2011 by world traveler and culture-vulture, Cindy Sebrell. While temporarily homebound by a bout of dengue fever she caught while exploring Brazil, she realized that she could bring the world to her desk by enjoying teas that reminded her of the many places she had visited. Recovered and ready to share her teas with others who love to travel but can’t always escape their desk, she worked with one of the world’s best tea importers to create The Foreign Office’s new line of teas.

“We all know we live and work in a global marketplace,” said Sebrell. “Now, your beverage of choice can reflect that. Travel to Zurich, Vienna, the Australian Outback, Cairo, and the beaches of the West Indies by sipping perfect cups of tea made to evoke the culture and energy of each of these inspiring places. Flavor, caffeine, adventure, what else could you want from a cup of tea!”

Ranging from light and breezy to downright rich and smoky, all of The Foreign Office teas are high quality black teas from estates in India, China, and Ceylon and offer natural caffeine and elegant flavors worthy of the cities they are named after. Each tea comes in a beautiful and reusable tin, with 26 office‐friendly teabags.

• CURACAO: The Foreign Office Curaçao Tea is inspired by the steady trade winds of this West Indies island, located just off the coast of Venezuela in the warm, blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. Lighter in flavor and caffeine, this tea provides a gentle but even energy that is easy to sip all day. Delicious both hot and iced.

• CAIRO: The Foreign Office Cairo Tea is an easy-drinking brew inspired by the all-day, all night energy of Cairo, Egypt. You’ll find generous cups of hot tawny-colored tea just like this one served everywhere in Egypt, from busy sidewalk cafes and shops to the international offices, and even near the famous pyramids. Sip this tea with its toasty flavors and discover the archaeological adventures, world travelers, and colorful, exotic cafes that make Cairo one of the world’s most intriguing destinations.

• ULURU: Perhaps better known as Ayer’s Rock, Uluru is one of Australia’s most stunning Aboriginal sacred places. Located deep in the deserts of the continent’s interior, Uluru is known for its powerful sunrises, endless red sands, and robust, adventurous people. The Foreign Office Uluru Tea is inspired by the invigorating experience of watching the sun come up over Uluru’s majestic red rocks. This bracing tea brings you brisk but balanced flavor perfect for that start to a long day.

• VIENNA: The Foreign Office Vienna Tea is inspired by the youthful culture of innovation that thrives here among some of the world’s most elegant and historic palaces and hotels in Europe. This strong, dark brew has complex, wine‐like flavors that are perfect for sipping slowly over important conversations. Savor this tea when you need the power of The Foreign Office to make it through the big meeting.

• ZURICH: The Foreign Office Zürich Tea is inspired by the historic Niederdorf section of Zürich, along the famous Limmat River. Known for its shops, businesses, and cafes, the Niederdorf is bustling well into the night and slow-going in the morning. This tea is a strong brew that’s high in caffeine with a robust flavor. Perfect for mixing with milk and sugar or served black, this beverage is made for those who need a little help in getting recharged for a new day.

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The Foreign Office is a lifestyle brand for those who want the world at their desk. The
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