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Tuesday, March 22nd 2011 @ 7:44 PM

Four First PlaceAwards, more than any other company

Milwaukee, WI (March 17, 2011) – Rishi Tea won nine awards at the North American Tea Championship annual Hot Tea Class / Fall Tea evaluation, which took place in Las Vegas February 22-23, 2011. Renowned judges evaluated nearly 200 teas to identify the highest quality and best tasting teas. Our Bao Zhong Oolong earned the highest rating of any tea in the entire competition, in addition to three other First Place awards. Co-owner and Vice President of Sales, Benjamin Harrison noted, “As the specialty tea market grows so does the number of contestants so we are delighted by these results. Four first place winners amidst stiff competition is quite an honor.”

Over the past three years, Rishi Tea has won more first place awards, and more awards overall, than any other contes­tant in the competition. Included in this year’s Award Winning Teas were two new innovative blends, Yuzu Ginger Turmeric and Ginseng Oolong. Rishi Tea brought back to the competition two of our top teas, Wu Yi Da Hong Pao and Bai Hao Premium, all of which won second place.

Harrison continued, “We were able to produce the highest rated tea in the entire competition and place first for Earl Grey for a second time. We are very proud to share these teas and our other award winners with our customers.”

 Joshua Kaiser, founder and tea buyer, commented, “All of us at Rishi Tea are extremely honored by these awards. Everything from our vigorous cupping and tea selection to our devoted blending team, our dear friends in Asia that cultivate our teas to our amazing customers’ continuous support made this all possible. Our journey from the leaf to the cup means so much more with this validation by our peers in the tea industry. Thank you to all!”

First place winners include:

•  Bao Zhong, 90 (Green Oolong Tea category)

•  Golden Needle, 87 (Yunnan category)

•  Organic Fair Trade Earl Grey, 86 (Earl Grey category)

•  Organic Fair Trade Darjeeling Estate Select, 83 (Darjeeling category)


Second place winners include:

•  Organic Jasmine Pearls, 85 (Jasmine category)

•  Yuzu Ginger Turmeric, 84 (Blended Black Tea category)

•  Wu Yi Da Hong Pao, 81 (Dark Oolong Tea category)

•  Ginseng Oolong, 80 (Blended Oolong Tea category)


Third place winners include:

 • Bai Hao Premium, 86 (Bai Hao / Oriental Beauty category)

All of this year’s award winners are available for purchase online at

Rishi Tea travels the world each season harvesting, tasting and sourcing the finest teas alongside the farmers who cultivate them. New and long-term partnerships in the tea growing communities present Rishi Tea unprecedented cooperation with growers in organic cultivation, sustainable harvesting and artisan processing techniques. As a winner of 29 consecutive First Place Awards, Rishi Tea is proud to offer award winning loose leaf tea that is fresh each season, direct from origin, and hand blended inMilwaukee.


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