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Energize the Holiday Season with Runa Amazon Guayusa Teas

Tuesday, November 30th 2010 @ 4:56 PM

Spice up Traditional Holiday Desserts with Not so Traditional Runa -- With the Holidays here, thoughts turn to sharing old and new traditions with family and friends as they gather around tables and congregate in kitchens.

Runa Amazon Guayusa (why-U-sa) Teas offer a warming cup of energy that will allow tackling the dinner dishes or a spirited game of Trivial Pursuit without negative side effects of caffeine.

Amazon Guayusa is an ancient and traditional part of daily life for indigenous Amazonian communities, as one of only three naturally caffeinated holly trees that exist in the world. For centuries, drinking Guayusa has been a cultural tradition to the people of Ecuador, as the rich flavor is the centerpiece for gatherings of friends and families sharing stories, dreams, and aspirations while drinking guayusa from a communal pot. Guayusa contains slightly more caffeine than black tea, and contains theophylline, a clarifying stimulant found in green tea, as well as theobromine, the settled and bodily energy found in dark chocolate. With greater antioxidant potential than Vitamin C, guayusa is a uniquely balanced and natural stimulant.

Runa Amazon Guayusa, while respectful of the traditional rich taste of guayusa, has married this ancient herb with delicious and satisfying flavors that are the perfect accompaniment to traditional American holiday desserts:

•           Runa Ginger Citrus Guayusa is a zesty blend of invigorating ginger and citrus spices sure to wake up the earthy nutmeg and cinnamon in a pumpkin pie.

•           The cooling Runa Peppermint Guayusa adds depth and comfort to any chocolate concoction.

•           Guayusa Spice is an energizing full-bodied blend of cinnamon and aromatic lemongrass that will hold its own with a tangy tartness of apple pie.

•           Traditional Guayusa is smooth, rich and satisfying with a hint of natural sweetness that can stand on its own.


“Plants and teas have always been central to relationships between people, cultures, and their environments,” says President and CEO Tyler Gage. “Runa Amazon Guayusa proudly embodies Amazonian tradition and culture, while providing American families with an opportunity to indulge in this rich history this holiday season.”


About Runa Amazon Guayusa

The word “Runa” means “fully living human being” in the indigenous Kichwa language of Amazonia Ecuador. Runa began when three students teamed up with communities of indigenous farmers to share the guayusa tradition with the world. Runa provides direct market access, organic agriculture training, and employment for hundreds of indigenous farming families in Ecuador. Collectively, Runa is creating a business that respects cultural traditions, supports small farmers, and help the Amazon rainforest thrive, while inspiring people to live a stimulating life and use their energy and imagination to create a better world. Please visit Runa at to learn more.

For further information about Runa Amazon Guayusa or for media related inquiries, please contact Lori Tullberg of Christie Communications at (805) 969-3744 or via email at

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