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Wonderland Tea: A Kids Mad Hatter Tea Party

Monday, October 17th 2011 @ 10:28 AM

Take a trip to the whimsical world of Wonderland when you host a Mad Hatter tea party. Hosting a theme tea party can be simple and fun, especially for kids. All you need are a few decorations, some activities, costumes, and, of course, tea! If you plan ahead for this Alice in Wonderland party, you’ll have a wacky tea party that will make everyone think they’ve taken a tumble down the rabbit hole!


Invitations and Decorations

Send out invitations well in advance to ensure people can attend your party. Give guests an idea of the theme with an invitation shaped like a pocket watch, tea cup, playing card, or top hat. It’s especially fun to make your own invites for a unique look, but you can also pick up invites at a party supply store. Be sure to say something on the invites like “The Mad Hatter requests your presence for a tea party” and then list the place and time. Kids will get excited about the party with fun invites.

When it comes to decorating for your party, think wacky-yet-whimsical. Decorate your table with colorful tablecloths and mismatched tea cups and plates. The girls will love comparing their pretty and different cups while drinking some tea! You can also decorate your space with other Wonderland-themed items like clocks and pocket watches (the rabbit was late for a very important date!), pink flamingos, playing cards, and chess pieces. You can also hang colored paper lanterns and streamers. If you want to go a step further, create a “rabbit hole” around your front door with cardboard (or paper) and paint, so it feels like guests are going through a rabbit hole to get to “Wonderland”. For a little background music, play the classic Alice in Wonderland movie soundtrack with songs like “Very Merry Unbirthday”.



Everyone knows that dressing up in costumes makes a party more fun! Let guests know on the invites that dressing up is highly encouraged. Suggest that guests dress like Wonderland characters like The Queen of Hearts, Mad Hatter, Alice, a playing card, or Tweedle Dee! You can also provide fun accessories for those who might not have a costume to wear. Have things like white rabbit ears, crowns, top hats, white aprons, and Cheshire cat ears and tails.



Serve your tea in mismatched tea pots with labels that say “drink me”. Kids can pretend that they’ll grow taller and shorter with every sip, just like Alice did! Serve traditional English teas, as Alice in Wonderland was written by an Englishman in 1865. Be sure to include sugar, honey, and milk so people can sweeten the tea to their liking. You may wish to set aside a specific time where guests can sit down to enjoy their tea without other distractions.

Provide cupcakes or cookies that are shaped like hearts, top hats, etc. Make your treats even sweeter when you add words like “eat me” and other themed pictures with frosting. For something a little more filling, make miniature sandwiches to munch on.



Plan a few fun activities for kids to play while they are in Wonderland. You can play a classic party game with an added twist. Create a pin the grin on the Cheshire cat game! Have kids decorate their own cat smile and then attempt to pin it on a picture of the Cheshire cat while blind folded. This traditional game is always a hit. If the weather is nice, head outside for a game of croquet. The Queen of Hearts will definitely approve of this! You can also incorporate your tea cups into a game. Turn your teacups upside down and then place a toy mouse (to represent the storybook dormouse) underneath one of them. After shuffling them, have people guess which cup the mouse is under.


When the party is over, keep the fun going by sending guests home with a treat. Create a gift bag with small items like bubbles, Alice in Wonderland stickers, candy, and tea bags (or leaves). Go to your local thrift store to pick up fun tea cups to include as well. When people use the tea cups later on, they will be reminded of your magical Mad Hatter tea party!


About the author: Tonja Thompson is a member of the BuyAliceinWonderlandCostumes.com team, where you can find a large collection of Alice and Mad Hatter costumes for kids and adults.

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