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VICTORIANA - Enjoy articles relating to the Victorian Era. A regular column in each issue of The Tea House Times. Written by Patrice LePera - Authority, Victorian Era, Historical Writing -

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Victoriana Column from The Tea House Times 10th Anniversary Issue NovDec2013

posted by TeaHouseTimes Admin, ADMINMonday, December 16th 2013 @ 12:00 AM

"Bring ME a cup of tea and The Tea House Times"*
So it is said that this was the first command of Victoria in 1837, the year she became Queen of England.  Queen Victoria came to enjoy the ceremony of afternoon tea and others quickly followed suit.  Once reserved for the upper classes, tea drinking spread through British society from the upper classes to the lowest.  No matter the budget, people set aside money for tea.  Nowadays, tea time is a pleasing retreat from our busy lives.   “Bring ME a cup of tea and The Tea House Times!

Victorian Treasures: Christmas Cards*
The practice of sending Christmas greeting cards did not begin until the Victorian Era.  Although Valentines were very popular, Christmas greetings did not come about until 1843.  Early Christmas cards resembled Valentines with lacy borders.  Look for old cards at antique shops and flea markets or online.  They are beautiful to display.

*Taken from The Tea House Times Nov/Dec 2003 - First Issue!


Did you know?
Cups as we know them, with a handle and a matching saucer, were not always as they are today.  Prior to the 18th Century, drinks such as tea, coffee and chocolate were rare and when consumed, served in small bowls.  In time, the French, German and English porcelain manufacturers decided to add a handle to the bowl, and not only gave it a saucer but a small cover too.  This evolution led to the creation of different sizes of cups...Teacups became larger with deeper-round bowls, while coffee cups remained smaller.  For quite some time, cups or bowls for hot chocolate, even had two handles...    Taken from Laduree: Entertaining. Used by Permission.





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