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GIVING VOICE TO TEA The Tea House Times Rolls out Two New Outreach Programs

Monday, February 3rd 2014 @ 12:00 AM

SPARTA, NJ - February 3, 2014 - In an effort to extend the voice of the tea industry and promote the finer aspects of the enjoyment of tea and its health benefits, The Tea House Times has rolled out two new outreach programs; TEA SCOOP and guest bloggers for TEA BLOGS. 

TEA SCOOP is a means of sharing tea related news including product launches, unique tea events and fundraisers, and stories of people enjoying tea, and stories of people succeeding in business with tea.  TEA SCOOP is compiled and shared as often as there is news enough to share. Portions of Tea Scoop come direct from news releases sent to The Tea House Times while other news is discovered, pre-screened, summarized, compiled, and shared.  Summaries are posted at and shared to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn as published. Summaries are also mentioned in The Tea House Times weekly e-news usually sent out on Mondays. 

GUEST BLOGGERS have been brought in to further amplify the voice of the tea industry.  They have been invited to share their knowledge, their passion and everyday enjoyment of tea, and insight into their careers in the tea industry.  Blog topics will be as varied as the guests and will include the fun side of tea and tea gatherings to the business side of tea.  Guests will post to their blogs as often as they “feel” something or have experienced or observed something wonderful because of tea.   A directory to all of The Tea House Times Guest Bloggers and new series of TEA BLOGS may be found at  To stay on top of most recent content, all guest posts will be mentioned in TEA SCOOP as they appear.

The impressive line-up of guests includes owners of large tea companies, people who have direct contact with tea farmers, some who have become a voice in the industry through the publishing of books and other amazing businesses and tea related experiences.  To name just a few, we will hear from Cindi Bigelow, President and CEO of Bigelow Tea; Michael and Emeric Harney of Harney & Sons Fine Teas; Peter Martino, CEO of Capital Teas; British tea taster, Kevin Gascoyne, Camellia Sinensis Tea House; New York Times bestselling author of The Tea Shop Mysteries, Laura Childs; and several other business owners and writers.  To take us beyond tea into the world of tisanes, author Cassie Liversidge (Homegrown Tea, to be released March 2014 by St. Martins Press) joins in to introduce a different herb each month.

“Some say that the US Tea Industry will double by 2017. That is only three years from now. As much as tea has been and will continue to be popular and not just trendy, it is our responsibility to support its growth in the most positive ways possible. By extending the voices of those who are deeply immersed in the tea industry, tea will not only gain in momentum, but be appreciated for the way it touches people’s lives in addition to contributing to a healthy diet,” said Gail Gastelu, Publisher of The Tea House Times.

Gail further added, “I have recently been approached by several, very large companies interested in diving into tea.  The interest in tea is expanding fast and furiously.  I finally asked some of these people, why me? Why have you called upon me to help? The answers surprised me when I was told that The Tea House Times bi-monthly publication and all of my services, websites, tea information and outreach had been at the forefront of these businesses to learn about tea, connect with others in the industry, and to seriously consider a very strong, substantial business investment into the future of tea. They said that time and again, their online searches led to my company and that we are among the very few who are current and consistent. Finally, recognition and verbalized thanks for all of our hard work! But this only means that we can be called upon to do more, provide more, extend everyone’s voice more.  These two new outreach programs are only a small part of a campaign I have planned to amplify the voice of tea and I am thankful for the incredible support of everyone who has agreed to assist me.”

The Tea House Times publication is available in print or online 6x per year. Additional tea news feeds and the latest TEA SCOOP may be found at their website and RSS feeds have been made available for streamlined replication elsewhere. To learn more about The Tea House Times publication, education, Tea Bureau resources news and speakers bureau, or to find a tea room or tea consultant or to learn more about promoting your tea business, please visit



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