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TOPIC OF THE WEEK: Learn how to brew tea properly!

Monday, March 4th 2013 @ 11:38 AM

TOPIC OF THE WEEK March 4:  In our topic of the week, we move on to Tea Resolution #9 and we want you to:  Learn how to brew different types of tea using different temperature water/brew time. No more bitter tea if you treat each type correctly.

This is meant to be an open discussion, you are free to comment and share your experiences so others might learn from you - or simply make it your business to learn something new today by researching more through The Tea House Times or Tea Course websites or elsewhere.  This is #9 from our Top 13 Tea Resolutions for 2013.   Share whatever you LIKE! :) Feel free to comment here, or log in to Facebook and then click here to join our TEA Group for further discussion.  Learn more about tea at http://www.teacourse.com

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