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The Tea Room Introduces Innovative Line of Tea-Infused Drinking Chocolates

Wednesday, August 18th 2010 @ 11:13 AM

Organic, Tea-Infused Chocolate Shavings for Hot, Cold, or Frappe Beverages

(Napa Valley, CA August 2010)  The Tea Room chocolate recently launched a line of gourmet organic, tea-infused drinking chocolates that combine the subtle flavor intricacies of tea with the comforting indulgence of chocolate, creating a gourmet beverage to be enjoyed hot, cold or in frappe form.

Already well-established in the world of tea-infused chocolate creations, The Tea Room Team constantly brainstorms new ideas to stay ahead of the industry curve, and to provide their customers with new ways of enjoying the chocolate they enjoy so much. The Tea Room's latest drinking chocolate innovations, all flavored with actual steeped tea and composed of the finest organic chocolate, are balanced to engender the best of both the tea and chocolate worlds in refreshing liquid forms.

A line currently of three different selections, The Tea Room's drinking chocolates come in elegant cylindrical black tins that dawn the same vibrant color profiles as their award-winning chocolate bar packaging, and incorporate the following flavors:

  1. Chamomile & Honey white chocolate shavings (smooth, organic white chocolate infused with a calming blend of organic chamomile tea and organic wild honey)
  2. Honeybush Caramel milk chocolate shavings (creamy, organic milk chocolate infused with a subtly sweet mixture of honeybush tea and caramel)
  3. Green Earl Grey dark chocolate shavings (rich, organic dark chocolate of 58% cacao infused with the slightly 'citrusy' balance of organic bergamot and green tea)

With 7oz of shavings included in each drinking chocolate tin, the consumer is granted enough chocolate to have several beverages in a variety of forms. Enclosed in each drinking chocolate tin The Tea Room provides a mini-menu which suggests several applications for the drinking chocolates' consumption:

  1. European-Style Hot Chocolate (water based)
  2. Rich Hot Chocolate (cream based)
  3. Microwaveable Hot Chocolate
  4. Chocolate Milkshake (Frappe)
  5. Chocolate Sauce
  6. Chocolate Fudge Sauce

At a suggested retail price of $14.56, for the Honeybush Caramel & Green Earl Grey$16.80 for the Chamomile & Honey, and $43.97 for the Mixed Flavor Gift Sampler (as seen in above image), The Tea Room offers a competitively priced, premium product that, because of its various uses, can be enjoyed in any season or occasion.

Originally a purveyor of loose-leaf teas, The Tea Room has taken its extensive knowledge in all things tea and transferred it to their love and passion for chocolate. They truly believe that the combination of tea and chocolate is long overdue and makes perfect sense as a pairing: that regardless of one's affinity for, or aversion to tea, the tastes overtakes all else and introduces the chocolate lover to a gourmet eating, or drinking, experience unlike any other.

  • The Tea Room teas are imported from such locations as South Africa, India, Sri Lanka, Japan, Europe, and South America. All teas are available to purchase in loose leaf form.



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