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Former Xbox360 Designer Unveils Newest Advancement in Tea Brewing with Teforia Leaf Infuser

Monday, June 19th 2017 @ 10:14 AM

Teforia, creator of the first-of-its-kind intelligent tea infuser, today unveils its newest product, the Teforia Leaf. The infuser offers customers the same innovative infusion technology as its flagship product, Teforia Classic, but at a much more accessible price.

UPDATE: Teforia ceased and closed their business operations as of November 3, 2017.

Tea is vastly complex, and each varietal requires a different process to brew the perfect cup. Water temperature, steeping time, ratio of tea leaves to water, and number of infusions are all unique variables in the brewing process. Teforia makes this process easy and automatic--for example, it already knows that your favorite green tea needs to brewed at a cooler temperate and for a shorter time than your afternoon cup of oolong.


Along with the same magic of the Teforia Classic, the new Teforia Leaf offers tea-drinkers:


  • Affordability: By taking innovative technology and making it simpler, the Teforia Leaf will be available for $399 at launch -- less than half the price of the Classic, and comparable to mid-range coffee machines.
  • Premium tea subscription: The Leaf works exclusively with Teforia’s Perfect Cup tea subscription ‘Sips’ -- convenient, smart, loose-leaf tea containers -- that contain the highest-quality tea on the planet, along with rare, freshly harvested teas never before tasted by the public. Plus, the Sips are 90% compostable and fully recyclable. Subscribers receive a 10 percent discount and free shipping on all orders over fifteen Sips -- whether new or refill.
  • Customizable caffeine: Several of the Leaf’s premium teas can be brewed with either “standard” or “boosted” caffeine levels with simply the touch of a button.
  • App-free experience: While users still need the app to set up their Leaf, the app is no longer needed to brew every carafe--so crafting the perfect cup of tea, whether a spicy rooibos or a classic Earl Grey, is easier than ever.


While many food tech innovators are focused on increasing the complexity of their product, Allen Han, founder and CEO of Teforia, is doubling down on affordability, taste and simplicity.


“Smart kitchen tech has been in the spotlight recently for the influx of over complicated, overhyped devices that offer little beyond tech for tech’s sake -- and these companies are casting a shadow on the whole industry,” said Han. “By streamlining our smart technology with the Leaf, we’re able to offer a seamless, irreplicable experience to tea drinkers that makes brewing the perfect cup of tea easy and accessible.”


Starting now, the Teforia Leaf will be available to purchase for $399 at Checkout.Teforia.com, WilliamsSonoma.com, and in select Nordstrom and b8ta stores. Teforia’s Perfect Cup tea subscription starts at $1, with free shipping available for orders over $30.


For more information on Teforia Classic, Teforia Leaf, or Teforia's Perfect Cup tea subscription, please visit www.Teforia.com.


About Teforia
Teforia blends the ancient tradition of tea with first-of-its-kind technology into a sensory experience for the modern world. The company's flagship product, the Teforia Classic, is the first machine-learning tea infusion device that infuses the best cup of tea you've ever had automatically, with the tap of a finger. Part companion and part guide, Teforia helps you discover, enjoy and journey into the world of authentic and exceptional tea, all tailored to your own preferences. Led by founder & CEO Allen Han, Teforia was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Mountain View, California. For more information, please visit: www.teforia.com.

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