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Tea Parties - Guest Post by Rosanna Inc.

Monday, March 27th 2017 @ 2:01 PM

Tea parties: Fun, cute, charming and delicious. We remember having them with our stuffed animals and our mom as she taught us some proper etiquette.

Even if your relationship with tea parties doesn’t run as deep as mine - I’m absolutely certain of one thing: You don’t see tea parties and happy hour as interchangeable events.

In 19th century England, it was common practice to advocate for and practice abstinence from alcohol. Those who did were called Teetotalers and the practice was referred to as Teetotalism. For Teetotalers, tea parties became the new happy hour.


Here’s a guide to throw your own happy hour tea party:

Send Invitations

Unlike a happy hour where a time and place text will do just fine - a written invitation sets the tone of a tea party. Tea party invitations are often decorated with flowers, lace, bone china and images of sweet treats. For this, we’re going to go more chic - black and white stripes, gold trim, maybe polka dots? Get creative and let your imagination run wild.

Pick a Theme

Tea parties require more than hot water and tea. They require direction. This is no ordinary tea party your grandma threw, is it? Whether it’s casual, chic, or elegant, make sure the invitation establishes a theme and dress code. Then be sure to carry it out throughout the tea party. Everything from table settings, outfit, menu, should be cohesive and complement each other.

Set the Menu

Tea party refreshments can be playful and understated with cookies and scones, or more robust with appetizer trays full of finger sandwiches and mini-dishes. Or, be bold and serve some of your happy hour favorites - just remember, the important part of the party is the tea, so choose one (or more) that will blend well with whatever you serve.

Include Entertainment

Happy hour is more than just the drinks  - it’s about  people, music and sometimes tv or games. Make a playlist, play some tabletop games, or even book live entertainment, because an entertained guest is a happy guest.

Maybe next time, you and your friends can skip the cocktails and throw your pinkies up for an afternoon tea party - who knows, it might just become your favorite part of the day.


~ Rosanna, Inc.

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