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Holiday Teas as Healthy Treats - Guest Post by Sarah, Duchess of York

Monday, December 12th 2016 @ 10:33 AM

What a perfect time to begin my blog here, as part of The Tea House Times family! As we enter into the holiday season, I find myself getting ever more excited with each passing day. Like, I’m sure, all of you, I relish these days each year when I get to wrap up with the people I cherish the most and celebrate. I look forward to days out of my regular, hectic schedule, surrounded by family and friends. The food, the drink, the warming, cozy smells of nutmeg and baked goodness, music playing over a crackling fire – what could be better?

But as is always true with me, I try to find the healthiest alternative to sweets and treats without losing any of the ‘treat’! Tea will feature heavily in my daily life this month as it does throughout the year. But of course, this season I will want to drink teas infused with the sweetness of the holidays themselves. When everyone else is drinking Hot Cocoa, I don't want to feel as if I’m missing out! However, I know that the one thing I don’t look forward to is the crash in the new year when I realise all the happy indulging of the holidays has left me feeling both fat and yet hollow at the same time. So, I’ve come to substitute many holiday drinks with holiday teas instead. 

A few years ago, the brilliant Master Tea-blender Alex Probyn and I created a delicious Chocolate Tart Tea. Using China black as the base of this full-bodied tea, we added cocoa and light brown liquor to the blend for depth and smoothness. Just like a real, decadent desert, or an incredible holiday drink, this tea will stand out to you and your guests. And it’s so easy!

Place the loose tea (one slightly heaped teaspoon per cup) directly into your teapot and cover with freshly boiled water (about 210 degrees). For maximum flavour, you’ll want to give this tea plenty of time to steep – about four to five minutes!

This tea will surely add to your holidays, whether you drink it by yourself for a moment of calm and alone time in this busy season, or as a drink with loved ones during the festivities.  You'll be warmed to the bone and the soul, with none of the guilt. How delightful that does sound…

Happy Holidays, Everyone!

~ Sarah, Duchess of York ~
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SARAH FERGUSON, THE DUCHESS OF YORK, is a businesswoman and bestselling author of over 40 books for adults and children. She produced the film ‘The Young Victoria’ alongside Martin Scorsese, has been a popular guest and presenter on shows such as The Today Show, and for ten years was the U.S. spokesperson for Weight Watchers International. She is a passionate promoter of wellness, healthy weight loss and weight management. She is a tireless advocate for children and children's causes, founding Children in Crisis in 1993, a charity dedicated to providing forgotten children around the world with an education. Click here for full bio and more information.

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