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Thursday, December 1st 2011 @ 12:31 PM

PURE HIBISCUS TEA AND UNIQUE FINGER LIMES ~ Australia’s original Wild Hibiscus Flower Company is delighted to offer two new lines for 2012.

Heart-Tee, a 100% pure, full-bodied, high antioxidant Wild Hibiscus Flower Tea with intense berry flavor will be formally introduced January 2012 at the AmericasMart in Atlanta (2WW, booth # 719, 2nd Floor) and The Chicago Market (booth # 8-9087) gift shows along with Freshburst Finger Limes—also known as “citrus caviar”—a fruit native to Australia.


Packed 20 tea bags to a box, with a suggested retail of $5.99, each Heart-Tee tea bag contains three whole premium hibiscus flowers that were either too big or small to use in Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup.  Utilizing all harvested flowers eliminates waste and supports the goal of thoughtful ecological production practices. The flower’s full health and Anthocyanin antioxidant benefits are retained using a unique cold-dried process; the tea’s freshness and flavor are further preserved in foil-sealed bags. Every Heart-Tee package includes a fun test confirming the tea’s high antioxidant content.  Preliminary research and trials indicate that drinking hibiscus tea regularly may lower blood pressure. USDA has summarized a report by Scientist Diane L. McKay, explaining the benefits of drinking hibiscus tea on a regular basis that can be found at the following link:


Finger Lime (citrus australasica) is a unique Australian fruit, shaped like a finger or pod that hold clusters of tangy, crunchy little citrus “roe.”  This citrus caviar bursts with delicate lime flavor, is visually appealing and can be used in a wide range of food and beverage applications.  FreshBurst Finger Limes are naturally preserved in a base of water, vinegar, sea salt, and infused with wild hibiscus and lemon myrtle.  Five years of research and development led to the successful re-sealable foil-lined product packaging—using a High Pressure Processing (HHP) technology—allowing an 18-month shelf-life.  With a suggested retail of $8.99, the 140g package contains 3 – 4 whole preserved finger limes, conveniently pre-portioned into six ready-to-use segments.


“Wild Hibiscus Flower Company could have easily introduced a hibiscus tea, taking advantage of last year’s hibiscus rush,” said founder Lee Etherington, “but we instead put our heart and soul into the process of properly preserving and creating the perfect package, to ensure delivery of a premium, 100% pure hibiscus product.  Our FreshBurst Finger Limes are also produced with the same intent, offering our customers another unique, world-first food and cocktail garnish of the highest quality.”

For wholesale/retail/foodservice information, contact Chris Muir,Manager of North America Operations for WILD HIBISCUS FLOWER CO.; 1-800-499-8490; Fax 450-242-1883

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