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Saturday, April 17th 2010 @ 7:16 PM

"We are pleased to announce publication of the long-awaited James Norwood Pratt's TEA DICTIONARY." says publisher Devan Shah. 


"This landmark reference work (accompanied by CD) is available without charge to all purchasers of our Preliminary Edition, which appeared in 2005. For new buyers the cost is just US$150 per copy--an excellent value for the most comprehensive and useful tea compendium possible today."


The newly completed and now definitive Tea Dictionary includes all principal kinds of tea grown in the world with a timeline of tea history, maps and striking photography, principally by Yoon Hee Kim.


With the collaboration of Devan Shah and Ravi Sutodiya, publishers, and Chen Zongmao, China's foremost tea authority, James Norwood Pratt has defined and de-mystified trade terminology for tea cultivation, manufacture, tasting, trading, marketing and classification, with an abundance of botany, business, history, folklore and "... almost all the gardens and place names we think worth listing." It is the first work in English to include Chinese characters wherever possible and is intended to be an indispensable tool for tea lovers of every description.


"Bring your copy of the Preliminary Edition to the ITI (International Tea Importers) Booth at World Tea Expo or any other show or convention ITI attends," advises Mr. Shah. "We will stamp your old copy and return it to you along with a new Tea Dictionary." If this is not feasible, please mail us your old copy to be stamped and returned to you along with your new. The address to use is:   International Tea Importers, Attn: Tea Dictionary, 8551 Loch Lomond Drive, Pico Rivera, CA 90660


James Norwood Pratt's Tea Dictionary is by any measure the most authoritative work on tea since W.H.Ukers' All About Tea appeared in 1935.

James Norwood Pratt's Tea Dictionary

ISBN 978-0-9826241-1-1

by James Norwood Pratt

© 2010 Tea Society

370 pp., US$150



Above for immediate release - 15 April 2010

Contact: Devan Shah 1-877-TEA-LAND

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