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Special thanks to readers of The Tea House Times and so many wonderful businesses in the tea industry for their support and positive feedback over the years.  Since 2003, The Tea House Times has grown from a basic newsletter service for tea room owners to a full color publication enjoyed by consumers and tea businesses.  Our publication and websites are sources of tea facts, business information, and personal enrichment through tea.


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Testimonials for The Tea House Times:


“Gail Gastelu is tireless in her efforts to bring TEA to the forefront of the American consciousness and in turn to every American's pantry and ultimately into everyone' cup. One of the most vocal promoters of Specialty Tea in the U.S. to date, she has single-handedly launched more programs, promotions and campaigns than any other industry professional. Her work ethic is exemplary, her organizational skills fastidious and her creative thinking is to be greatly admired.”
~Linda Villano, owner of SerendipiTea 

- - - - - 

"Having worked with Gail on a number of levels and a number of projects dating back since 2010, I have to say very few professionals I have encountered or had the pleasure of working with are of the caliber of Gail Gastelu. Her motivation, drive, and follow through is beyond amazing. I am looking forward to continuing on projects together for many years to come."
~David Heilbrunn, producer of Coffee Fest

- - - - - 

Regarding 2016 World Tea Award for The Tea House Times
"Congratulations Gail, I’m such a huge fan of yours so I couldn’t be happier to learn about the awards you received at the World Tea Expo. Your publication, of course, continues to be a beacon for all of us in the tea industry. And your #DrinkTea Campaign? Over the top!! I look forward to seeing what lies ahead and send my warmest wishes for every continuing success in the years ahead."
~Cindi Bigelow, president, Bigelow Tea

- - - - - 


Comments from earlier years:

Dear Gail, I just took a stroll through your www.TeaCourse.com site.  Very well organized and impressive!  The content is thorough and will certainly prove invaluable for those just entering the wonderful world of Tea.  Yet, it also promises to be a comprehensive resource arena for more seasoned tea folks.  Something for everyone - we like this and will visit often.
~Linda V.  www.serendipitea.com

- - - - - 

Working WITH The Tea House Times is exactly that--you and The Tea House Times are working together. Unlike advertising in other trade journals, where you buy your ad and take your chances--when you advertise with The Tea House Times you will find that you are now working with someone who truly cares about the success of YOUR business. Gail (Gastelu, publisher) keeps her finger on the industry pulse, and often seems to be a step or two ahead of current industry trends.

I believe that my affiliation with THT, Tea Bureau, and Tea Course have not only significantly broadened my base within the tea industry, but also added to my credibility as a serious business. Being awarded the THT Seal of Approval for our scone mixes was an unexpected surprise and honor. We have added that seal to our retail packaging, and find that it is noticed by all of our customers.

I have been associated with the THT since 2006, and anticipate many more years of a fabulous working relationship.
~ Debbie Anderson, Victorian House Scones,

 - - - - -

“I absolutely love working with The Tea House Times!  Gail is always very accommodating and easy to work with.  But, the best thing is that people read her magazine and recognize my work from there!  It is great fun to be part of her team.”  

~Earlene Grey www.earlenegrey.com

- - - - -

I had been a fan of The Tea House Times since I started my tea business. In fact, I bought my tea business from an ad on the tea business for sale portion of the site.

I have found "Lady Gayle" to be a warm, caring and truly dedicated tea professional. Everything she does under the umbrella of The Teas House Times is exceptionally done well. I am proud to call her a tea friend and colleague.

The Tea Course is a valuable tool for any tea professional to use. The benefits of membership keep expanding. Keep up the great work!!!
~ Barbara Tuson, previous owner of SBS Teas - Teatime Travels

 - - - - -

One simply must pick up a copy of The Tea House Times to know that it’s all about HEART. It is written with PASSION, not just passion for tea (that’s obvious), but passion for people. After you’ve read it, you’ll have this sense that you’ve just gone around the world and visited your dearest friends – yet all the while your dearest friends have been on this journey with you. There’s a kindred spirit sort of connection you get with The Tea House Times. It educates us about tea, travel and friendship with such intensity that within its pages we find true treasures. Personally, I appreciate what it has done – not just for my own tea business – but for all of us who love tea.
~ Faye Fitzgerald, My Fayevorite Things  &
Tea Time Finery

- - - - -

I have been working with Gail Gastelu, Publisher/Editor in Chief of The Tea House Times, LLC since 2004. She has been an exceptional media partner and supporter of the World Tea Expo. The World Tea Expo has advertised in The Tea House Times since 2004 and has been very pleased with Gail’s attention to detail and responsiveness. Gail has consistently over delivered to our company in all of our business dealings. Her extraordinary support has been greatly appreciated.
~ George Jage, founder, World Tea Expo,
   (Update: World Tea Expo has changed ownership)

- - - - -

For three years we had the opportunity to work with The Tea House Times in connection with the Red Rose Tea Fair, featuring Red Rose Tea and Wade/England figurines.  The Tea House Times provided excellent exposure for us through quality advertising.  Redco Foods, Inc. and all who were involved with this endeavor have always been pleased with the warm and courteous reception we received.  Doing business with The Tea House Times is truly a pleasure and the exposure beneficial.

~ Redco Foods, Inc. www.redcofoods.com

- - - - -

Being an advertiser in the Tea House Times has provided my company with visibility in areas that may not know us yet. My web host service allows me to track visitors to my web site and I consistently see links from the Tea House Times to our site. I'd highly recommend advertising with them.
~ The Cozy Tea Cart,

- - - - -

By working with the Tea House Times, I've encouraged people to plan some travel around the 'enjoyment of tea'. With the medium of the publication I have a continuing opportunity to remind travelers of all the travel possibilities. It has been a wonderful publication to work with.
~ Patty Suchy, Novel Explorations

- - - - -

We have found numerous benefits from our relationship with The Tea House Times. Our paid advertisements have created a great deal of interest and contact from our ideal clients. In addition to the print magazine we have been able to promote our company through the Tea Bureau. This online tool has presented many opportunities through its numerous business categories and offerings to feature businesses, their news and talents.

It has been a pleasure to work with Gail. Her support and vision is inspiring and we are truly grateful for the relationship our company has formed with her and her wonderful publication.
~ Charlene Phillips, Founder & CEO, Tealightful Treasures, Inc.,

- - - - -

The Tea House Times is a wonderful source for information about all aspects of the tea industry and a great source of creative ideas. I have personally added a number of clients and friends to my group as a result of advertising in the Tea House Times. I especially enjoy the book reviews. It is impossible to keep track of all the wonderful books so I have come to depend on the reviews to keep me up to date and to introduce me to jewels I might other wise miss.
~ Karen Korwek, Quilted To A Tea,

- - - - -

As a small business, I have limited advertising dollars. Because I believe I have quality products I want to build my name recognition in a consistent way, using quality advertising sources. Gail Gastelu is a consumate professional who is always striving to grow an excellent resource group for the tea industry. The Tea House Times, Tea Bureau and Tea Courses are examples of her excellence and dedication and where I choose to advertise.

I advertise in The Tea House Times because I know my name will reach my desired audience - Tea Room Owners and their tea drinking customers. The THT's articles are pithy, informative and entertaining. THT has an excellent distribution network of both commercial and residential subscriptions. I am confident that my advertising dollars are well spent rather than wasted in a home/garden magazine with an occasional tea article.

I realize that for some there is a temptation to reduce or abandon advertising in the present, weak economy. Why? People are still drinking tea. By continuing to advertise in a publication such as the THT, I feel I am making a commitment to customers - to my tea rooms and home grown tea drinkers alike. "I will be here dear ones, to make you those cute tea gifts that you love so much. Pick a fabric and I'll make something tea-ful for you."
~Rae Krol, Grandma@GrandmaRae.com

- - - - -

I have found Gail at the Tea House Times the easiest and most supportive publisher to work with. Her promptness in answering every email is amazing. It's so important to place one's advertising dollars in the right place. Gail is willing to do interviews and reviews of products, which is just about the best advertising one can get. The links and opportunities for listings on her website have sent me many customers.

~ Maxine Holmgren, Mystery Tea Parties, www.mysteryteaparties.com 

- - - - -

Dear Gail, I am very thankful to your excellent program which helped PINO brand to prosper. Our ads in The Tea House Times were high quality paper and graphics. We made several contacts and ultimately sales. We appreciate your help in working with us on getting the best out of our advertising dollars. Thank you again.

~ Michael Samak, PINO, Del-Savo Inc. www.pino-usa.com

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