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Below from Tales of a Tea Leaf~The Complete Guide to Tea Cuisine by Jill Yates, Square One Publishers, $13.95 ISBN 0-7570-0099-1  ©2005 The following information is used by permission of Square One.  This is copyrighted property and may not be re-printed or used in any manner without proper authority from the publisher.   





Constant Comment®, what is it?  Ever wonder where the name of this tea came from?  We read about this in Tales of a Tea Leaf by Jill Yates and wanted to share this information with you.  Very interesting:

©2005Tales of a Tea Leaf~The Complete Guide to Tea Cuisine by Jill Yates, Square One Publishers

In the 1940s, Ruth Bigelow was a woman ahead of her time.  A generation before women demanded equal rights, at a time when many thought a woman's place was in the home, Ruth Bigelow was busy building one of America's most successful tea companies.  Pursuing her idea of the perfect cup of tea, Ruth was searching for a better blend when she found an old colonial recipe with orange peels and spices.  Working in her New York kitchen, she created a tea that generated "constant comments," thus the name for her signature tea, Constant Comment®.  By 1945, Ruth was packaging and shipping her tea and by 1950, she opened Bigelow's first factory in Connecticut.  In 1958, she bought Bigelow's first tea bag machine.  Sixty years later, R.C. Bigelow, Inc. is run by Ruth's son, David, and is one of the few remaining family-run tea companies.  Offering a wide variety of teas, Bigelow has manufacturing and distributing facilities in Connecticut, Idaho, and Kentucky, and claims to sell over a billion cups of tea per year.


Find an autographed copy of My Mother Loved Tea by David Bigelow at  The Story of Ruth Bigelow and Constant Comment.


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