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Perhaps you missed an issue of The Tea House Times, or you are searching for a book that we have reviewed.   Books are listed by the issue date their review appeared in The Tea House Times. MOST RECENT REVIEWS AT BOTTOM, please scroll down.

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July/Aug ’04

The Tea Rose written by Jennifer Donnelly.  Comments from Lisa at Teas by Design: The book is on Target’s bestseller list for $5.95.  Good tea information!...London, 1886, Beautiful Fiona makes her way from rags to riches becoming the wealthiest tea trader in Manhattan once she escapes to America--running from her father’s killer and her broken heart.  She returns to London years later to face her demons, reclaim her lost love, family, and more uncovered wealth.  Couldn’t put it down!!


Lady Gayle’s comments:  I couldn’t put it down either!!  If you have any interest in tea or London in a bygone era, you will thoroughly enjoy this book.  Can’t wait for the sequels!  Yes—Jennifer Donnelly has planned The Tea Rose to be a trilogy.  The next book features more about Charlie and some appearances by Fiona.  Will keep you posted.---See note below:


The second book in The Tea Rose trilogy is finished. It's called The Winter Rose.


Sept/Oct ’04

A Cup of Tea, by Amy Ephron. Published by William Morrow & Company, Inc. ©1997  A novel of 1917 including period detail of New York’s drawing rooms and hat shops.  A woman born to privilege invites a penniless woman in from the rain and takes her home for a cup of tea.  200 pp. Quick to read, surprise ending.  Check book stores, internet, or your local library.


Nov/Dec '04

The Graceful Art of Tea, by Nan Taylor. ©2003 Taylor-Brown Publishing ISBN 0-9743707-0-3   A lovely book, filled with every possible detail for planning the perfect tea party.  Lots of helpful hints.  Highly recommended book!  Includes tea history, how to create delicious tea sandwiches, setting the table, planning, invitations & favors, recipes, forming a tea society, children’s parties, hospitality,  etiquette, and much more.  Available at www.teagraces.com  or by calling (661) 298-6163.


Jan/Feb '05

Tea Cozy Cooking ©2001/2004 and Baby Cakes ©2002 by Diane Laraeu AmEnde   Diane’s two books are absolutely necessary if you enjoy or plan to serve afternoon tea.  Filled with the most delicious recipes for sandwiches, scones, salads, soups, and every kind of sweet imaginable.  Created from 5 years of tea room experience, these books are indispensable for creating the perfect afternoon tea experience.  www.teacozycooking.com $36.90 for set:  Tea Cozy Cooking, 79 Constance Drive, Manchester, CT 06040  (860) 646-7057


Jan/Feb '05

Tea Shop Mysteries by Laura Childs,  The Jasmine Moon Murder ©2004  Murder, mystery, & a sneak peak into the life of tea room owner Theodosia Browning.  Besides the hustle & bustle or running a tea room, Theo gets involved in solving the murder of Dr. Davis (her boyfriend’s uncle) during a charitable fundraiser he asked her to cater.   ISBN 0-425-19813-8  Berkley Publishing  Reviewed by Lady Gayle 


Laura Childs captures you with the charm of her delightful Tea Shop Mystery series -- a wonderful collection.  Real tea shop scenarios and special tea events are intertwined throughout the stories.  It is not necessary to read the books in sequence; main characters are introduced in the first book -- get to know them more in each story. Recipes   and teatime entertaining ideas included.  A very relaxing read.  Reviewer: Cheryl R. Dunbar, TeaTimeBingo.com


Mar/Apr '05 Simply South County by Marie Younkin-Waldman

Simply South County by Marie Younkin-Waldman ©2003 Gentility Press 0-9747010-0-9 To order:  1-877-GPBOOKS or www.SimplySouthCounty.com  A book full of “stories from the smallest state”, Rhode Island.  Marie is host of the Tea with Marie Show (www.teawithmarie.com) Lovely stories that bring appreciation to friends, neighbors, and communities by sharing the beauty and gifts of all the people and an appreciation for life.  Really makes you think about & appreciate all you have.  Many tea references as well.


Mar/Apr '05

Tea Parties, by Ellen Easton   A lovely, hardcover journal for tea party planning.  Includes places to note financial planning, seating chart, food choices, linens, china used & more.  Great if you plan tea parties regularly & want to keep records.  Beautiful photo of teapot on front and teacup on back of hardcover book.  To Order: $21 (inc. s/h) Red Wagon Press, Attn: Dept. THT, 45 East 89th St, Suite 20A, New York City, NY 10128


May/June '05

Tea with Jane Austen by Kim Wilson ©2004 Jones Books 0-9721217-9-X  www.jonesbooks.com    This is a charming, hardcover book about Jane Austen and tea time.  Includes excerpts from Austen’s novels, tea history, recipes, how to make a perfect cup of tea, morning tea, evening tea, tea and shopping, and tea and health.  All together, a great combination and enjoyable reading.  Cover price $16.95.  This book is available for a limited time directly from The Tea House Times.  Please email us to check availability.  Click here to email.


July/August '05

The Empire of TEA by Alan MacFarlane & Iris MacFarlane ©2003 ISBN 1-58567-493-1 www.overlookpress.com  This book isn’t just the history of tea, it is a wonderful, enjoyable story.  This is a real page turner and a great book for summer reading.  Step back in time and feel as though you lived through the history of tea and the many people involved in its production.  Hardcover Price $22.95. 

Tea with Friends by Elizabeth Knight ©1998 Storey Publishing, ISBN 1-58017-050-1 www.storey.com  Centerpieces, recipes, music, crafts, a guide to teas, party planning, table setting, and much more.  This book takes you through each month of the year with seasonal party planning tips for “tea with friends”.  Lovely book.  Consumers call 800-441-5700; wholesale 800-827-7444 x 2122.  Hardcover price $14.95

Tea at the Blue Lantern Inn: A social History 
of the Tea Room Craze in America by Jan Whitaker, ©2002 
St. Martin’s Press, www.stmartins.com, ISBN 0-312-29064-0  
Hardcover Price $29.95  Available in book stores, tea rooms, and 
on-line at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Powell’s Books.    

Tea at the Blue Lantern Inn is a wonderful book filled with images of old tea rooms from postcards, menus, business cards and other memorabilia.  “Each chapter covers the various types of tea rooms that abounded in the fist half of the 20th century:  fashionable hotel salons, Greenwich Village dens and hangouts, New England inns and tea houses, city candy shop tea rooms, Russian tea rooms, fortune telling tea rooms, and finally the tea rooms that people remember best, those in department stores."  A must have for everyone who enjoys afternoon tea and all tea room owners.  A walk through tea room history!  From Victorian times and on.


Chamomile Mourning, by Laura Childs.  The Tea Shop Mystery books are very light reading; even acceptable reading for your teenager.  What kind of trouble does Theo get mixed up with this time?  Someone falls off the balcony into her cake!  Who done it?  We're not telling, but if you have been enjoying this series of books, better get this one too.  Also learn about "Tea for Two" and how the phrase started; recipes, and teatime entertaining ideas too.  Hardcover $21.95 Berkley Publishing Group, a division of Penguin Group (USA) www.penguin.com    ISBN 0-425-20251-8  ©2005 Gerry Schmitt 

Musings with a Cuppa, Musings and Men, Musings for the Quiet Person  by Earlene Grey– all 3 poetry books about tea with Victorian images.  These books are small but stunning.  4 1/8” wide by 5 ½” high printed on very heavyweight metallic paper stock.  Inside each cover is a beautiful, floral, sheer paper through which you can view the title page.  Very pretty and meaningful poetry.  You’ll want them all! Visit www.earlenegrey.com

September/October '05

The Book of Tea by Okakura Kakuzo is available in The Tea Ceremony kit from Running Press, $30.00 U.S. The kit contains The Book of Tea, a traditional tea bowl, a traditional split bamboo whisk for preparing matcha, a fukusa (silk cloth), and incense. This kit is beautifully presented in a dark burgundy box. The book explains the history and philosophy and Zen spirituality behind the Japanese Tea Ceremony with an afterword written by Jim Massey including instructions for “How to Perform a Tea Ceremony” To purchase The Tea Ceremony kit, visit your local bookstore or on-line retailer.

The Tea Companion: A Connoisseur’s Guide
by Jane Pettigrew, Running Press, $18.95 U.S. This book contains The History of Tea, Production, Tea Equipage, Tea Appreciation, and a Global Tea Directory of major tea producing nations. With photos of tea plantations and color photos of brewed teas, you can almost taste the long list of recommended teas. This book includes great reference charts to Grading Terminology, a Tea Taster’s Vocabulary, Methods of Production, and Tea and Food Pairings. A very interesting, beautiful book. To purchase, visit your local bookstore or on-line retailer.

November/December '05

The Red Hat Society Fun and Friendship After Fifty by Sue Ellen Cooper, Warner Books, $12.95 ISBN 0-446-67976-3  ©2004 Red Hat Society, Inc.  This book is a must read for all women whether you are over the age of 50 or not.  Not only does it explain how the Red Hat Society began, what they are all about, and all of the fun you can have if you join, it is a book that is inspiring to women in general.  It is about supporting one another and acknowledging the hard work we have done for our families and others throughout our lives.  It is about being there for one another, sharing, and finding ourselves again.


Tales of a Tea Leaf~The Complete Guide to Tea Cuisine by Jill Yates, Square One Publishers, $13.95 ISBN 0-7570-0099-1  ©2005  A new book published by Square One Publishers.  We have been reading a lot of books that cover the history and health benefits of tea as this one does, but this book also offers a very fine selection of recipes using tea as one of the ingredients.  Recipes range from drinks to meats and fish and desserts.  The book also offers a fresh look inside today's hottest tea businesses ~ sort of filling in the blanks some of the other books have left out.  Includes a resource directory as well.  Nicely done.


Red Hats, Purple Shoes, & Afternoon Teas  ©2003 CQ Products, ISBN 1-56383-166-X $10 softcover, spiral bound.  Filled with simple and delicious recipes for Finger Sandwiches, Pastries, Cookies, Scones, Desserts, and Cocktails.  They have 10 books in their red hat series including 5 cookbooks, 2 journals, 1 perpetual calendar, and 2 mini memo books.


January/February 2006

A Little Indulgence -- TEA ©2005 CQ Products. ISBN 13: 978-1-56383-217-8 This is a great little book with bits of tea information, a tea timeline, and recipes including beverages, main courses, side dishes, and desserts all using tea. The book is also “embellished with beautiful quotes.” Visit www.CQProducts.com  or call 1-866-804-9892.

The Etiquette of an English Tea, ©1995 Beryl Peters, Copper Beech Publishing Ltd. This little book will guide you through the customs and the charms of an English Afternoon Tea. Includes traditional recipes for afternoon tea, a picnic tea, nursery tea, cream tea, and you will learn about tea leaf readings. Visit www.copperbeechpublishing.co.uk  or visit them at the World Tea Expo in March 2006.

The Illustrated Language of Flowers, April 2004 Pryor Publications. A facsimile reproduction of The Miniature Language of Flowers first published in 1865. A mini book, new but with an old feeling as the print type is exactly as it would have been in the original book. An A-Z guide to all flowers and their meanings. Call 1-866-363-9007 or Visit

Mar/April 2006

America's Best Tea Room Recipes ©2004 CQ Products.  ISBN 1-56383-178-3 A spiral bound recipe book, very handy in the kitchen. Features recipes from tearooms throughout the U.S. including Sauces & Snacks, Breads & Sides, Main Dishes & Soups, Desserts, and a list of tea room contributors. See Recipe page 4 of the Mar/Apr 06 issue of The Tea House Times for a sampling from this great book. Visit www.CQProducts.com or call 1-866-804-9892. Item #3802

Tea & Conversation, ©2000 Beryl Peters, Copper Beech Publishing Ltd. ISBN 1-898617-25-2 “Develop the art of conversation with afternoon tea.” Includes all you need to know about receiving guests for tea, going out to tea, seasonal ideas for tea & conversation, and notes about silence, gossip, and topics to avoid! Answers questions of etiquette from 1890-1899. See a sampling on our Etiquette page 8 of the Mar/Apr 06 issue of The Tea House Times. Visit www.copperbeechpublishing.co.uk or visit them at the World Tea Expo in March 2006.

The Natural History of the Flirt, ©2004 Pryor Publications.  A facsimile reproduction; first published in 1848. ISBN 0-946014-44-2 A precious little book describing the history and meaning behind the word FLIRT. From adorable 5 year olds on to adult, everyone flirts! Take a peak into the past as “every man likes to flirt with a pretty girl and every girl likes to be flirted with.” See Victoriana page 6 inside of the Mar/Apr 06 issue of The Tea House Times for a sneak peak inside this book. Call 1-866-363-9007 or Visit

My Life in Teacups, ©2004 by Gail Henderson This darling little booklet reminds me of the little Dover books we like to get for children. But this is a small, affordable booklet that the ladies will like to share with their friends. A glossy, full color 4 1/4” x 5 1/2” booklet comparing life and personality to the various shapes of teacups. So unique. The booklet also includes some low-carb tea party tips. A special booklet to share with your friends or tuck inside your gift baskets. See ad on back cover of Mar/Apr 06 issue & visit www.loveyourneighborhood.com

May/June 2006

A Century of America's Favorite Foods ©2003 CQ Products.  ISBN 1-56383-149-X   From 1900 through 1999 a book of America's Favorite Recipes.  Lots of recipes from famous restaurants, hotels along with stories connecting the recipes to a place in time.  Delightful reading and delicious recipes.  See a sampling from this book in our May/June issue on the Victoriana page and the Recipes page.  Visit www.CQProducts.com or call 1-866-804-9892. Item #7030  Retail $12.


Seasons in a Country Kitchen Cookbook, ©2005 Darlene Kronschnabel, ISBN: 0-9763539-2-X We have really enjoyed paging through this book. The recipes are seasonal favorites and real good home cooking and comfort foods. This would be a great wedding or shower gift. Recipes for every season and great holiday menu ideas. Examples are: A Country-Style Easter, Fourth of July Family Picnics, Thanksgiving on the Farm, Drop-in Company, Christmas Baking and much more. See Recipes page 4 for a sampling from this book. Published by Jones Books www.jonesbooks.com 

Don’t--A Manual of Mistakes & Improprieties more or less prevalent in Conduct and Speech, ©1982 Pryor Publications. A facsimile reproduction; first published in 1880. ISBN 0-946014-02-7 This is a great little book and a good guide to proper etiquette and what’s expected At Table, In Dress & Personal Habits, In the Drawing Room, In Public, In Speech, In General, and Affectionately Addressed to Womankind. What NOT to do for every situation. See Etiquette page 8 inside this issue for a sneak peak inside this book. Call 1-866-363-9007 or Visit

Blood Orange Brewing, Laura Childs’ new Tea Shop Mystery is due out April 4 in hardcover. We are reading the proof copy now, it’s great! See a review in our next issue.

July/August 2006

Tea Time Entertaining ©2004 by Dolores Snyder. ISBN 0-9746872-1-9 A beautiful hardcover book created with passion we’re sure. Learn about tea, etiquette, world tea customs, accoutrements, tea types and proper brewing, Traditional afternoon tea menus, 120 recipes and some very unique scrumptious combinations for delicous tea foods. Special tea menus for every occasion. Several journal pages at the end of the book for notes about all your tea party successes. A beautiful, very elegant book. A must have for your tea and recipe library. Visit www.doloreswsnyder.com or call 972-717-4189 ~ $35 plus shipping.

Catering to Children with Recipes for Memorable Tea Parties,
©2003 Linda J. Hawkins, ISBN: 0-9742806-0-7 A very beautiful hardcover book written with the child in mind yet very elegant. How to-tea party hosting tips, great recipes the little ones will actually eat, types of teas, serving tips, etiquette, tea history and interesting facts, and best of all games to play. We’ve been searching for game ideas for children’s tea parties, and this book has eight unique child friendly ideas including a unique way to have a tasting game. Visit www.lindajhawkins.com  or contact Heart to Heart Publishing at 888-526-5589

Friendship Teas to Go: 12 Celebrations You Can Take Anywhere by Emilie Barnes with paintings by Susan Rios
Harvest House, ©2006, $16.99 ISBN:  0736916288
Available at amazon.com, christianbook.com, barnesandnoble.com See Review on Page 3 of the July/Aug issue.

Blood Orange Brewing,
©2006 by Gerry Schmitt & Associates, Inc. ISBN 0-425-20807-9 Laura Childs’ latest Tea Shop Mystery. This series of books is fictional and take place in historic Charleston, S.C. Interesting reading esp. if you have been to Charleston. This time Theo investigates a strange murder that happened during a Candelight Concert at a spooky, deserted Charleston mansion. Fun reading about Theo poking through the house and finding secret doorways. Enjoy recipes and tea tips at the end of the book. See a sampling of recipes inside this issue on page 4. $23.95 hardcover available at book stores and many tea shops. Published by the Berkley Publishing Group.


Sept/October 2006 issue:

Tea With the Queen, ©2005 by Catherine and Peter Boyce ISBN 978-0-9778420-0-1

www.semperstudiosus.com  A darling hardcover book to read with your children.  A sweet rhyming book with adorable cartoon characters.  Children learn to be polite, neat, considerate, friendly, thoughtful, and kind while learning basic tea etiquette and the value and motivation for good manners.  Includes recipes to make together: Cheesy Veggie Soup and Peach Scones.  Vocabulary from the story is listed at the end of the book and offers even more meaning behind being “cordial, discreet, genteel”.  This book is a  special gift for a birthday tea party or a nice read-along book for children’s manners classes.  Now available with an accompanying CD!


Looking Deeply into Tea, ©2005 by Bruce & Shelley Richardson ISBN 0-9663478-4-6 The subheading of this book is “Thoughts and Prayers”. Really it is filled with incredible photography depicting tea pickers and their lives, plants, and everything tea. Next to each photo are small verses pertaining to tea. A very well done and touching book. If you have ever visited a tea plantation or wish you could, this book will touch your life. This book will inspire you to “look deeply into your cups of tea in hope that we might pause and remember those who work diligently to bring us this ancient brew.” Published by Benjamin Press. Visit www.elmwoodinn.com

Mothballs in My Attic ©2004 by Cindy O’Neill & Barbara Iderosa-MIMA Publications If you read the Iced Tea piece in our last issue, you can appreciate MIMA. Brings back memories. A very special book. Touches the heart and brings people together. Read with your children, grandchildren and create and share your special memories while filling in the blanks. “One word is worth a thousand pictures.” Published by MIMA Publications

Sipping Tea - Celebrating Me ©2006 by Dharlene Fahl-Brittian ISBN 0-9778249-0-X First in a series of 3 books. This book is inspirational; bringing together the comforts of tea and taking time to appreciate life while acknowledging our own strengths and allowing our positive attributes to shine through. Enjoyable reading, comforting, nice poetry, tea poems, affirmations, and wonderful guidance. Includes how to prepare tea and a tea glossary. Published by Videne Publications, a division of Take Up The Cup. Visit www.takeupthecup.com


Nov/Dec 2006 issue:

Rules, Britannia ~ An Insider’s Guide to Life in the United Kingdom ©2006 by Toni Summers Hargis ISBN 0-312-33665-9 This is a great, very entertaining, and useful book. If you have ever been to the U.K., you will appreciate the humor and if you plan to vacation or move to the U.K., you will really appreciate the helpful advice you will learn about the regions, language differences, food, customs and more. Toni Summers Hargis is a Brit, living in the United States. She visits the UK at least once a year. Look for her book in bookstores, online, or visit www.stmartins.com for more information (a Thomas Dunne Book, an imprint of St. Martin’s Press).

Tea With the Queen, ©2005 by Catherine and Peter Boyce ISBN 978-0-9778420-0-1 A darling hardcover book to read with your children. Reviewed in our last issue. NOW available with an accompanying CD. Visit
www.semperstudiosus.com  See ad on page 7.

Recipes for an English Tea ~ A Handbook for Afternoon Tea, ©1998 Copper Beech Publishing Ltd. Published in Great Britain ISBN 1 898617 22-8 Recipes for Dainty Sandwiches, Scones & Crumpets, Biscuits, Cakes, Jams & Jellies -- Removal of stains from linen for tea, cream, fruit, mildew and how to remove stains from china. Other great tips about the tea gown, flowers, friendship, and a perfect pot of tea. Lovely little handbook. See recipes on page 4,
and visit www.copperbeechpublishing.co.uk

Jan/Feb 2007 issue:

The Book of Afternoon Tea, by Lesley Mackley, ©1992 Salamander Books Ltd. HP Books Published by The Berkley Publishing Group. ISBN 1-55788-046-8 This book contains over 100 mouth watering afternoon tea recipes. What’s special about this book are the step-by-step photos alongside each recipe. You can imagine all the delectible treats before you have even prepared them. Recipes include traditional favorites and fresh new ideas as well including Finger Sandwiches, Savories, Scones & Muffins, Quick Breads, Cakes, Pasgtries, Cookies, Preserves, Drinks and more. 
(See Advertisement on Page 8)

Sticker Stories - The Dolls’ Tea Party, ©1996 Illustrated by Laurie Struck Long, Published by Grosset & Dunlap, a division of Penguin Putnam Books for Young Readers. ISBN 0-448-41309-4 This is a precious book with a simple, short story for very young readers. Read along and place stickers along the way for a special Dolls’ Tea Party along with their favorite Teddy Bears. Set a fancy tea table too. 75 Stickers are removable.

Life is Like a Teabag, ©2006 by Faye Fitzgerald. ISBN 1-4208-9018-2 Published by Author House www.authorhouse.com This book is set up to be a journal, but it’s much more than that. Beautiful photos and beautiful words will bring out the best in your journal entries. Many are tea quotes, many are well thought out words to inspire you and help you off to a day of positive feelings and reflection. Great book! Order from

Mar/Apr 2007 issue:

Green Tea by Mary Lou Heiss,  ©2006 Harvard Common Press ISBN 1-55832-298-1 50 Hot Drinks, Cool Quenchers, and Sweet and Savory Treats. The recipes inside this book are so refreshing and wonderful, you can almost taste them just by reading the recipes themselves. The book offers a great introduction to green tea, how to select and buy, how to brew, re-infuse, how to store, and the health benefits. These refreshing recipes will impress your guests and offer a unique twist on tea drinking. For wholesale, visit www.harvardcommonpress.com (See Recipes pg.4 of Mar/Apr issue) Retail: Available wherever books are sold.

The Collectible Teapot & Tea Calendar by Joni Miller w/ photos by Martin Brigdale. The 2007 calendar is lovely and includes 12 bonus postcards featuring the stunning, well laid-out, photos from each month of the calendar. This calendar is also very informative, with loads of tea info printed at each month. The historic details provide a great reference tool for tea lovers. www.workman.com

Shades of Earl Grey by Laura Childs ISBN 0-425-18821-3 Another mysterious book in the Tea Shop Mystery Series. This time, tea shop owner, Theodosia investigates and solves the mystery of an accidental death at an engagement party as well as various thefts. With the help of her dog, Earl Grey, you’ll be surprised how she catches the thief! Includes a few good recipes too. us.penguingroup.com

Paris by Pastry - Stalking the Sweet Life on the Streets of Paris by Joyce Slayton Mitchell Published by Jones Books. ISBN 0-9763539-6-2 Paperback. The best pastries are in Paris, right? This book is a great guide to visiting Paris, main attractions, but best of all every possible sweet shop is rated so you may find the best treats while touring. Available at booksellers everywhere. www.jonesbooks.com

May/June 2007 issue:

Tea Party by Tracy Stern with Christie Matheson, ©2007 by Tracy Stern Published by Clarkson Potter Publishers ISBN 978-0-307-34643-8 A new book on sale April 24, 2007. Hardcover. Includes 20 themed tea parties with recipes for every occasion. From fabulous showers to intimate gatherings, the ideas in this book are fresh and very elegant. Each menu plan includes ideas for the perfect invitation, decor, music, party favors and more. Your guests will feel like VIPs after attending one of these magnificent parties created by Tracy Stern. Available at bookstores. For more about Ms. Stern: www.salontea.com (See sample Recipes on pg.4 of our May/June issue of The Tea House Times)

The Red Hat Society’s Domestic Goddess by Regina Hale Sutherland. A contemporary romance from Warner Books, ©2006 The Red Hat Society, Inc. ISBN-10: 0-446-61676-1 The story of Millie and her Red Hat Society friends who create a Bachelor’s Survival Class to teach the dependent men in their lives to take care of themselves! Do they succeed in making the men self-sufficient? Read it to find out. You might try putting your own domestic goddess skills to work while enjoying a little romance on the side!

Death by Darjeeling by Laura Childs ISBN 0-425-17945-1
©2001 This was the first book in the delightful Tea Shop Mystery Series. It introduces you to Theodosia, tea shop owner, and the lovely Chrleston area. Laura has a new book out - Dragonwell Dead - review coming soon. us.penguingroup.com

14 Ways to Say I Love You, Grandmother - ©2006 by John & Carolyn Grossman Published by Ronnie Sellers Productions, Inc. ISBN 10: 1-56906-966-2 The latest release in a series of three Victorian and Edwardian ephemera gift books that include 14 Ways to Say I Love You and 14 Ways to Say I Love You, Mother. These are too beautiful for words. If you are familiar with the Grossman image collections,
www.johngrossmancollection.com, you will treasure these books. Includes die-cut greeting cards within.   Books: www.rsvp.com  


July/August 2007

Tea Time Tutorial - Setting the Tea Table - Making a Proper Pot of Tea with Nan Taylor A perfect companion to Nan’s book, The Graceful Art of Tea (see book review at our website). This DVD is fun to watch. I’ve met Nan and think she is a real hip lady! Nan has been speaking about tea for the past 16 years. You will certainly learn a few things about tea and some wonderful serving tips as well.  Visit www.teagraces.com

Musings with a Cuppa - The Poetry of Tea by Earlene Grey. ©2006 Cover and interior illustrations by Susan Laird (fairy artist from our last issue!) ISBN 1-59299-216-1 Published by Inkwater Press. Available at
www.earlenegrey.com  This is a hardcover book/a collection of Earlene Grey’s beautiful poetry. CD now available too. See a sampling with Love Comes at Teatime on page 16 of the JulyAug07 issue.

Dragonwell Dead by Laura Childs ISBN 9780425213865 ©2007 Published by Berkley, a division of Penguin Group. The latest Tea Shop Mystery is full of excitement and surprises - the most exciting book in the series. This time, tea shop owner, Theo, happens to be present when a friend dies under mysterious circumstances. She has a few close calls herself. As usual, the book contains some recipes and a beautiful description of life in Charleston, SC us.penguingroup.com

All the Tea in China by Jane Orcutt ISBN: 978-0-8007-3179-4, Rollicking Regency Available Summer 2007 A High-Society Englishwoman is convinced she should follow a mysterious man to the mission fields of the Orient. She sneaks aboard a ship to China and on the long journey falls in love and learns that this man is really on a mission to find the best tea China has to offer. A real page turner – an adventurous and romantic story with insight into Chinese customs and surprising stories of tea trade.

September/October 2007

Tea in the City - New York by Elizabeth Knight ~ a tea lover’s guide to sipping and shopping in the city with great photos by Bruce Richardson and loads of information. Now to find the time to visit them all! ISBN: 0-9663478-7-0 Published by Benjamin Press: www.benjaminpress.com

Liquid Jade, The Story of Tea from East to West ©2006 by Beatrice Hohenegger. Published by St. Martin’s Press, ISBN 0-312-33328-5. $24.95 hardcover. This is one of those books you just want to have to add to your tea library. A story of western greed and eastern bliss. Lively narrative, rich storytelling from the lore of tea: the birth of tea, health properties, Taoist beliefs, etc. Also reveals the darker chapters of tea’s history: pirates, spies, opium. www.stmartins.com

The Tea House Times Best Afternoon Tea Recipes, Vol. 1
©2007 G&R Publishing. Fabulous recipes from tea experts including soups and salads for Afternoon Tea Luncheons, Finger Sandwiches, Scones, Sweets, and Children’s favorites. Retail: www.theteahousetimes.com  ~  Wholesale available.

The Complete Idiot’s Guide® to Coffee & Tea
©2006 by Travis Arndorfer and Kristine Hansen. Published by the Penguin Group, Alpha Books. ISBN 1-59257-544-7, $18.95 This book provides an essential introduction to the world of coffee and tea from basic history to advanced tips and tricks. For those of you who are already tea experts but sometimes wish you knew a little more about coffee, it can be interesting reading.

Tea, Aromas and Flavors Around the World by Lydia Gautier - photographs by Jean-Francois Mallet
©2005 and first published in the US in 2006 by Chronicle Books LLC ISBN 10 0-8118-5682-8 $40 Very large hardcover. This is the most fabulous book yet and a MUST have for your tea (not coffee :-) table. It is incredible inside and out and must be displayed rather than hidden on your library shelf. You can feel the history and deep traditions of tea through the beautiful photography and text. You can almost smell and taste the teas so beautifully presented within.

Emma Lea’s First Tea Party
by Babette Donaldson ©2006 ISBN 978-0-9792612-0-6 Published by Blue Gate Books. First in a series of heart warming children’s books. Emma Lea is invited to her grandmothers’s birthday tea party along with the grown-ups. She wants to feel grown up and sit at the big table for tea. Grandma gives everyone a traditional teacup and shares tea with the whole family. Loved it! Can’t wait to see future books.  Available at tearooms across the U.S. Locate a retailer at www.emmaleabooks.com

November/December 2007

Invitation to Tea ©2006 Menus and Music Productions, Inc. This is not a book, but a box of recipe cards with a Classical CD enclosed. Created by Sharon O’Connor, this is just one of many fabulous collections of delicious food and music - they make great gifts. These are not your usual recipe cards. These are beautiful photo cards with recipes inside for bite-size treats, tea quotes, cook’s tips, and shopping lists. Plus the CD has one hour of favorite chamber music. www.music-cooks.com

Afternoon Tea Serenade ©1997 Menus and Music Another wonderful choice of Sharon O’Connor’s Menus and Music series. This is a very nice sized book enclosed in a beautiful gift box with accompanying CD of Classical Chamber Music. The book includes recipes from Famous Tea Rooms along with introductions to those locations, their fabulous recipes and notes about musical selections. A very lovely gift. www.menusandmusic.com

Not Yet Drowned by Peg Kingman ©September, 2007 W.W. Norton & Co., Inc. “A mysterious parcel with a kashmiri shawl, a caddy of unusual tea, and a sheaf of traditional bagpipe music propels a young Scottish widow on a perilous quest to the far side of the world.” Enjoyable reading. This book is written by a former tea merchant who grows tea and plays a bagpipe. “A luminous and accomplished romance - the author’s first novel.” Available wherever books are sold. www.wwnorton.com

And Then It Was Teatime ©2007 by Laurie Nienhaus. Published by Gilded Lily Publishing. A compilation of over 150 excerpts from vintage and modern literature taking you back to drawing rooms, parlors, gardens. From short and sweet, humorous, thrilling, to longer passages, this book is designed for browsing through over a cup of tea and would also be a lovely part of your entertainment at tea time functions. www.glily.com

The Story of Tea. A Cultural History and Drinking Guide ©2007 by Mary Lou Heiss and Robert J. Heiss This is quite a book. Over 400 pages, hardcover. A comprehensive book on tea that may be used as a reference book or displayed or enjoyed as a reading book. Includes the history of tea, manufacture, customs, culture, health benefits and the ethics of tea trade along with some recipes for dishes using tea. Ten Speed Press www.tenspeed.com

January/February 2008

A Cup of Hot Water and a Tea Bag ©2006 Mary B. Marsalka
ISBN 1-4196-4654-0 Mary’s book is a hoot. She shares her story of opening and operating a tea room through ups and downs. Throughout are cartoons drawn upon napkins by a frequent customer of some funny happenings at the tea room. Mary includes recipes and advice. Very pleasant reading and nice to hear about her experiences. Visit
www.biddies.com  or call 614.764.9359.

Linen and Tea Journal ©2004 by Bonnie Line ISBN 0-9706243-2-8 A spiral bound beautiful and handy book for recording visits to tea rooms, friends you shared tea with, featured teas, thoughts on music-menu-presentation-etc. A place for your special photos and pertinent information about Tea History, Tea, Tea Terms, Tea Tips, Brewing Temps, and much needed recipes. Visit www.linenandtea.com or call 619.449.1826 Check out the Linen and Tea Wheel too! This is a very handy and clever wheel to dial and determine how to brew different types of tea. A really great tool for no-brainer tea preparation.

Tea ©2007 Paragon Books Ltd. ISBN 978-1-4054-8967-6 A beautiful, high quality hardcover book - Includes over 100 full color photos. A journey into the wonderful world of tea. Interesting and useful facts about cultivation, picking, and processing of tea from regions around the world. All aspects of tea are covered from the tea ceremony to various types and preparation. Learn tea rituals around the world. Available from SpecialTea Products www.specialteaproducts.com or call 770.924.9697

Tea Journal for Tea Room Enthusiasts ©2007 Archana Pyatt ISBN 978-0-9797249-0-9 A beautiful soft cover journal for recording tea room visits and memories. Rate your favorites, add your own photos, etc. Includes valuable lists of resources for finding tea rooms and tea related products. Tea preparation tips are inside. Personal, hand written, journal entries from well known tea authorities make this book unique and creative. Contact Gable Wing Press www.gablewingpress.com or call 281.770.6922.


March/April 2008

American Girl Doll books are based on the lives and times of each featured doll. Faith reviewed the Felicity group of books for us. Her favorite was Felicity Learns A Lesson: This book was all about young girls knowing their place in society. Girls were sent away to learn proper manners. Tea was called a Ceremony. A woman must behave perfectly at the Tea Table, both as a hostess & a guest. This was the most important out of all lessons learned. There is a polite way to show you have had enough tea. Merely turn your cup upside down on your saucer & place your spoon across it. That tells your hostess you wish to take no more tea. Happy Birthday Felicity.... Tea time for young girls like myself was taken in drawing rooms….. Read more of Faith’s book reviews BELOW      www.americangirl.com

Meet Felicity  by Valerie Tripp, ISBN 1-56247-005-1 Felicity Merriman was a spunky young girl. She lives in Williamsburg Virginia before the Revolutionary War. She grows impatient learning to do the things young girls her age are to be doing. Like writing, drawing & sewing. Her love is horses & that is what she wants to do.


Felicity Learns A Lesson by Valerie Tripp, ISBN 1-56247-008-6 This book was all about young girls knowing their place in society. Girls were sent away to learn proper manners. Tea was called a Ceremony. A woman must behave perfectly at the Tea Table, both as a hostess & a guest. This was the most important out of all lessons learned. There is a polite way to show you have had enough tea. Merely turn your cup upside down on your saucer & place your spoon across it. That tells your hostess you wish to take no more tea. This was my favorite book !


Felicity's Surprise by Valerie Tripp, ISBN 1-56247-011-6   Felicity was invited to the Governor's Palace. Her mother sets out to make her a beautiful gown. As the big day is near, her mother becomes ill. Felicity spends her time taking care of her ill mother. Her hopes of going to the Governor's Palace may not happen. Felicity's friend Elizabeth finished the dress her mother started for the ball.


Happy Birthday Felicity by Valerie Tripp, ISBN 1-56247-032-9 Tea time for young girls like myself was taken in drawing rooms. As young girls of that time they were to learn to draw & sew. It was their duty to learn about things like this before their family would give their hand to a young man to wed. This was Felicity's 10TH Birthday. Her Grandfather gave her a guitar.   


Felicity Saves The Day by Valerie Tripp, ISBN 1-56247-035-3 Felicity loves horses. Mr. Nye a horse owner was very mean to his horses. And if they didn’t do as he wanted he would kill them. She loved one of Mr. Nye's horses she called Penny. Felicity even helped free a slave by the name of Benjamin Davidson.


Changes for Felicity by Valerie Tripp, ISBN 1-56247-038-8 Felicity finds out Penny the horse is to have a foal in the spring. Elizabeth is Felicity's best friend. Mr. Cole, Elizabeth’s father is a loyalist. Elizabeth's father is jailed for being a loyalist.  Felicity's Grandfather dies leaving her very sad. This is the last of the books.

Polly Brown – A Modern-Day Oliver With a Twist, by Tricia Bennett ISBN 978-1-59979-214-9. A young orphan girl struggles to cope in the harsh environment of a children’s home in England. Polly takes a journey, confronts her fears and discovers inner strengths to help her dreams become reality. In the end Polly becomes owner of a tea room and the name is changed to Polly’s Pantry Royal Tea Rooms. A story of hope where all problems are sorted out in true English style over a nice cup of tea! The author, too, was brought up in children’s homes in England. Tricia and John Bennett recently opened Polly’s Pantry – a tea room in Wildwood, FL. The opening was preceded by a party for children from a local orphanage the evening before, to whom Tricia and John have become “aunt and uncle”. Tricia is available to speak to groups. 1-352-330-6532 www.hopeinyourheart.com

TEA, The Drink of Pleasure and of Health ©2007 Pryor Publications; A facsimile reproduction, first published in 1880. It is a great, small paperback book giving a brief accounting of tea in all aspects. From growing, preparation, use, affects on health, how to make and when to take, it is a splendid introduction to the pleasures of taking tea with a step back in time. www.pryor-publications.co.uk 1-866-363-9007


The Unspoken Language of Fans and Flowers ©2007 by Linda J. Hawkins. ISBN 0-9742806-9-0 This age old romance of flowers and fans sweeps you away to a pleasing, restful place much needed in today’s rushed world. Allow yourself to get lost in the pages of this beautiful book while enjoying a cup of tea. Hardcover - available at The Tea House Times Booth #507 at World Tea Expo or at www.lindajhawkins.com  See recipes and a little something from the book on pg 4 -5 of the MayJune08 issue.

The Silver Needle Murder by Laura Childs ISBN 978-0-425-21946-1 Another page turner by Laura Childs. Theodosia has a lot going on - the Charleston Film Festival, her Tea Room, and murder. She gets herself in some hot water and in this case - swamp water. Silver Needle tea was served at the scene of the crime. See Ad on Page 11 of the MayJune08 issue.

Silver Spoons, Mad Baboons, and Other Tales of Tea ©2008 by Barry W. Cooper ISBN 978-0-9777397-1-4
A page turner from the very first page! Not just another book about tea. This is a real adventure story leading to tea. Cooper was raised amongst the wild animals and tea fields of Kenya. He has spent his life traveling the globe in search of fine teas. Available at Amazon.com and better bookstores. See also www.coopertea.com

The Ultimate Tea Diet ©2007 by Mark “Dr. Tea” Ukra. ISBN 978-0-06-144175-2 This book is a very impressive, hardcover with great recipes and easy ways to incorporate tea into a healthy diet and lifestyle. Dr. Tea’s ™ Tea Garden and Herbal Emporium (World Tea Expo Booth #442) offers very fine loose leaf teas - all packaged beautifully in air tight canisters. Their latest - special craving teas - will truly delight the senses! Try Candy Bar or Mint Choc Chip!
www.teagarden.com  www.ultimateteadiet.com



Better World Scones ©2007 by Linda O’Brien Hanley ISBN 978-1-59872-784-5 An entire book devoted to tea and scones without dairy or eggs and with fair trade and organic ingredients. Includes substitutions, baking notes, tons of great scone recipes, alternate versions of lemon curd and clotted cream, etc. Also inclues a little tea history and supplier resources.

The Winter Rose by Jennifer Donnelly ISBN 978-1-4013-0103-3 The much anticipated sequal to 2002’s The Tea Rose, this book is just as wonderful with some of the same old characters and the new heroine, a woman doctor - in an era (1900) when lady doctors were considered peculiar. Donnelly hopes her book will help people keep faith through hard times, keeping faith in ourselves, along with love and courage. www.HyperionBooks.com

Tea The Drink that Changed the World ©2007 by Laura C. Martin ISBN 978-0-8048-3724-8 This book explores how tea - this simple beverage - has made such a profound impact on our world. It has been used as a medicine, a meditation tool; as money and as a motivation for war. Explores the spread of tea throughout Asia and the world.

Tea Ceremony ©2005 by Shozo Sato ISBN 978-0-8048-3500-8 This wonderful book is meant for creative kids, but it is great for anyone wishing to simply understand and learn how to perform a traditional Japanese tea ceremony, brew and serve delicious tea, and host your friends and family. Full color illustrations, instructions and projects for rewarding discoveries through tea.


Sept/Oct 2008

Passion For Tea ©2008 by Beverly Rorem ISBN 978-1-4343-6294-0 A great, smooth read about tea, and wonderful way to convert non tea drinkers. It reads so nicely; like you are sitting with a friend, explaining for the first time, the wonders of tea - and the friend discovers tea, finally, and is converted into someone with the same ‘Passion for Tea.’ Enjoyable! See an excerpt from this book on page 15 of this issue. Signed copies available from www.passion4tea.com See also: www.amazon.com Publisher: www.authorhouse.com

Three Cups of Tea ©2006 by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin. ISBN 0-670-03482-7 (hc) ISBN 978-0-14-303825 (pb) One of the most memorable books ever read. A true, inspiring story of Greg Mortenson whose love for mountain climbing developed a passion and pledging to build a school for children high in the poor and treacherous mountains of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Throughout this amazing story, tea is offered to welcome a stranger, do business, and share with family. His adventures and deep spirit make for an awesome and riveting read. Not to be missed….. Published by The Penguin Group. www.threecupsoftea.com

Tea Art - A Modern Look at Vintage Tea Graphics ©2008 by Gregory R. Suriano ISBN 978-0-7643-2811-4 This book is much more than a Modern Look - It is a step back in time - way back - with wonderful pictures of old postcards, prints, posters, periodical illustrations, books, sheet music, trade cards, advertisements, labels, packaging, paper collectibles, and a Vintage Tea Graphics Collecting and Value Guide. This book is one to treasure - filled with images leaving a footprint of tea history!! www.schifferbooks.com

Celtic Teas With Friends ©2008 by Elizabeth Knight ISBN 978-0-9793431-3-1 Another great book by Elizabeth Knight! Learn teatime traditions from Cornwall, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. Fabulous recipes and party ideas interspersed with tradition and facts about tea preparation and party planning. Autographed copies of this and the author’s other books available at
www.teawithfriends.com  or by calling TOLL FREE 866-616-1154 Published by Benjamin Press www.benjaminpress.com


Christmas Teas of Comfort and Joy. ©2008 by Emilie Barnes and Susan Rios. ISBN 978-0-7369-2229-6  Published by Harvest House Publishers, Eugene, OR    This book will certainly bring you comfort and joy through Family Traditions, Caroling, some old fashioned fun and the joy of giving.  Filled with wonderful recipes and tea party ideas to illuminate the wonders of Christmas and tea.  Paintings by Susan Rios shine throughout the book.  Available wherever fine books are sold and www.harvesthousepublishers.com


Workman Publishing 2009 Calendars:  French Country Diary ©2008 by Linda Dannenberg & Guy Bouchet  ISBN-13: 978-0-7611-4894-4    A beautiful, fabric/hard cover with slipcase sweeps you away to the French countryside with space for weekly calendar/diary entries.  Cynthia Hart’s 20th Anniversary Victoriana Calendar ISBN-13: 978-0-7611-4772-5 is completely covered with dazzling Victorian ephemera and includes ephemera details and descriptions, scrapbooking ideas, and includes scrap booking sheets and embellishments.  The Collectible Teapot & Tea Calendar ISBN-13: 978-0-7611-4985-9 is a romantic tea time beauty as always and includes matching postcards of rare and beautiful teapot photography.  www.workman.com 


Murder at The Earl of Grey’s Hound Manor - a new Mystery Tea Party Plan by Maxine Holmgren.  As clever and well written as all the other party plans; in this one guests are gathered for the reading of the will of the late Earl of Grey, murdered by . . . guess who!-One of the guests at your tea. Invitations, recipes, and scripts included with instructions for running the mystery throughout your tea party. Great fun! 



Jennifer Reff ~ Portrait of a Lady CD - Enchanting music performed by classical crossover recording artist, Jennifer Reff.  A combination of opera, pop, and delicate vocals take you away to the romantic world of Victorian melodrama.  Perfect music for afternoon tea or background music while working at your desk - very soothing.  The CD cover features Jennifer beautifully dressed in lace with a cameo necklace.  www.jenniferreff.com


Love Your Neighborhood 2009 Calendar - This inspirational tea calendar is a hit every year.  One of The Tea House Times’ loyal readers has sent in a review and it can be found on page 12 of the NovDec issue.  See also www.loveyourneighborhood.com



A Tea Party for the Children ©Copper Beech Publishing, Sussex, England ISBN 978-1-898617-45-7 This precious little gift book presents fun, simple ways to entertain children through traditional ideas and simple to make recipes. Step back in time and play the old time games such as the Tray Game and Musical Chairs.

Essentially English ©2008 Hardcover by Dan Green
ISBN 978-0-9790475-4-1 An eye catching, humorous gift book celebrating the quirks and customs of all things peculiarly British. Think fish and chips, pie and mash, or the handlebar moustache, the book also references cream tea as it dates back to 997 AD and as for perfect tea making: George Orwell’s Golden Rules for a nice cup of tea. www.jonesbooks.com

Harney & Sons Guide to Tea ©2008 by Michael Harney ISBN 978-1-59420-138-7 This much anticipated hardcover book has arrived and is as elegant as you would expect from the Harneys. This book will refine your palate and develop your understanding of the complex agricultural, historical, and cultural significance of tea. The book will transform the curious into discriminating connoisseurs of tea. www.penguin.com

Healthy Teas by Tammy Safi ©2001 Lansdowne Publishing Pty Ltd ISBN-13: 978-0-7946-5004-9 Distributed in America & Europe by Tuttle Publishing This book explores green and black teas as well as herbal and fruit infusions. Over 80 recipes for relaxation and stress relief with tea. Explore some tea history and health benefits of tea. www.tuttlepublishing.com

The Tea Drinkers Handbook ©2008 by Francois-Xavier Delmas, Mathias Minet, and Christine Barbaste, published by Abbeville Press. ISBN-13: 978-0-7892-0988-7 An impressive, comprehensive - hardcover - tasting guide to discovering the top teas of the world. Learn about tea leaves, buds, and flowers, climate, soil, cultivation, plucking, and colors. Explore tasting preparations, techniques, sensations and tasting notes. Written by the founders of Le Palais des Thes. www.abbeville.com

Wrap It Up & Ring Up Profits ISBN-13:978-0-9814633-3-9   ©2008 by Elaine C. Carroll (famous gift basket designer) A very useful book on how to turn ordinary products into extraordinary gift baskets for extra income. Includes theme ideas, assembly, shipping, promoting, and resources.
www.allardco.com .



Children’s Tea Time by Deborah Thomas ©2008 Blue Lantern Studio ISBN 978-1-59583-288-7 A lesson to children through teatime images from antique children’s books. Includes recipes, solitary teas, teas with pets, teas with toys, tea with guests, and children learning about and having tea with adults. See pg. 4 for a sampling of this book. Available from Green Tiger Press, a division of Laughing Elephant.

Tea: The Drink That Changed the World by John Griffiths ISBN-13: 978-0-233-00212-5 A survey of tea, addressing almost every corner of the globe in a comprehensive look at 4,500 years of tea history. Thoroughly researched and captivating. Available where books are sold and through Trafalgar Square Publishing from Independent Publishers Group. www.ipgbook.com

The Gentle Art of Hospitality ©2007 by Alda Ellis & artwork by Camille Ellerbrook ISBN-13: 978-0-7369-2100-8 Creative tips to reach out with heartfelt hospitality. Create the right atmosphere for an intimate tea or an elaborate party with ease. Wonderful recipes and creative ideas for table settings.
See pg. 15 for a “Checklist of the Senses”. www.harvesthousepublishers.com 



Tastefully Small Finger Sandwiches & Tastefully Small Dessert Canapes by Kim Hendrickson ©2008
ISBN 978-1-60138-266-5 & ISBN 978-1-60138-267-2 Stunning and delicious and “Tastefully Small” party sandwiches for all occasions and bite size sweets for easy entertaining. Future books will include Tastefully Small Savory Bites and Tastefully Small Scones & Sweet Breads. See www.Atlantic-Pub.com


The Season by Sarah MacLean ISBN 978-0-545-04886-6 ©2009 Boys, ballgowns, and murder! A novel capturing the pageantry of Regency London through the eyes of a trio of feisty young ladies more interested in adventure than the social whirlwind of the London season. A romantic page turner. See www.scholastic.com

Oolong Dead by Laura Childs ©2009 Tea rooms, parties, ex and current boy friends, and murder - these are only a few issues Theodosia is faced with in the latest Tea Shop Mystery. After stumbling upon a body after being thrown from a horse, Theodosia gets herself in and out of some incredible predicaments. Can’t wait for the next book to see what happens in Theodosia’s personal life. www.penguin.com

My Mother Loved Tea by David C. Bigelow (son of Ruth and David Bigelow) ISBN:978-097934319-3 Benjamin Press 2009 Recollections of the development of the Bigelow Tea Company. Fascinates readers with historical photographs and illustrations, family snapshots, early packaging designs and the company’s growth and perseverence. Visit www.bigelowtea.com

Take a Little Time for Tea ©2009 by Harvest House Publishers with artwork by Kathy Hatch. A beautifully illustrated hardcover gift book filled with tea quotes, simple recipes, and fresh ideas. See pg. 7 for more.



Afternoon Tea Parties ©2008 by Susannah Blake. Ryland Peters & Small, $27.95 (See Recipes p 4 and French Tea on p 18) ISBN 978-1-84597-724-5: This beautifully illustrated hardcover book includes an irresistible collection of themed menus for a variety of afternoon tea parties, some of which include: English Tea, Japanese Tea, Champagne Tea, Mother’s Day Tea, Baby Shower, French Tea, Russian Tea Ceremony, Gentleman’s Tea, Fireside Tea, and more.  www.rylandpeters.com

An Invitation to Tea by Emilie Barnes and Sandy Clough ©1996/2009 by Harvest House Publishers ISBN 978-0-7369-2237-1: A beautifully illustrated gift book full of delightful tea party ideas and recipes to rediscover the hospitality of tea time, to nurture the rituals of sharing, and create special celebrations that make tea time special. See also p 13.

Somewhere in Thyme ©2007 by Kathy Thiessen. Heart to Heart Publishing $24.95 ISBN 978-0-974-28063-9: A beautiful hardcover book full of nostalgia, tea room memories, fabulous recipes, and vintage ideas for tea time or anytime. Think sachets, vintage collections, fountains and windchimes made with tea ware; all beautiful ways to bring the past into your decor and menu selections. See page 13 for a sampling from this book. www.somewhereinthyme.com

Tea for You - Blending Custom Teas to Savor and Share ©2009 by Tracy Stern ISBN 978-0-307-45080-7: $15.95 Clarkson Potter: (See p 5 & p 7) From the basics about tea to delicious, secret combinations of herbs, spices and botanicals, and recipes for tasty treats to complement your cup, Tea for You is a beautifully illustrated book providing delightful ideas for giving and enjoying the luxury of lovely hand-blended teas. www.randomhouse.com

Tea with a Twist ©2009 by Lisa Boalt Richardson and Lauren Rubinstein. ISBN 978-0-7369-2579-2: A feast for the eyes and just may make your heart skip a beat from the stunning photography to the extraordinary tea party ideas, magnificent recipes, and heartwarming stories.  A wonderful coffee tea table book you will want to pick up over and over again.  www.harvesthousepublishers.com



Kitty Kate’s Tea Party ©2009 by Karen Dean. Zoe Life Publishing. ISBN 978-1-934363-30-0  A vibrantly illustrated hardcover book about a personified cat in a Victorian setting with a rhyming, tea party theme. A darling book with bonus section for planning and hosting a tea party. www.zoelifepub.com www.karendeanartist.com

The Teashop Girls ©2008 by Laura Schaefer ISBN: 978-1-416-96793-4 A wonderful heart felt story of three girls; Annie, Genna and Zoe; friends since Elementary School. Annie’s grandma has a tea shop called The Steeping Leaf which she almost loses. The three friends meet there once a week for tea. The girls start growing up & other things start to occupy their time and their gatherings do not take place as promised. Annie got mad, but they later make up. And Annie’s Grandma’s Teashop was saved. The book is a DELIGHT!  Reviewed by Faith Killian Fassnacht teashopgirls.com simonandschuster.com

Knitting and Tea, ©2009 by Patrick Gottelier and Jane Gottelier ISBN 978-0-307-35221-7 Twenty-five classic knits and the teas that inspired them! A fabulous, gorgeous book. Pretty knits, luxurious yarns, and photos of lush tea gardens, tea estates, a bit of history and more. www.pottercraft.com

Boston Tea Party ©2001 by Pamela Duncan Edwards ISBN 0-399-23357-1 A fun, easy to read book with delightful illustrations depicting the Boston Tea Party. The story builds through rhyme. www.penguin.com/youngreaders



All the Tea in China ©1990 by Kit Chow and Ione Kramer ISBN 0-8351-2194-1 China Books
The name is also a phrase symbolizing great riches. First used in Australia in the 1890s as ‘not for all the tea in china,’ meaning not at any price. The book is rich with history custom and traditions.   chinabooks.com


Fu Finds the Way ©2009 by John Rocco ISBN: 978-1-4231-0965-5 Great book for ages 3-7 or anyone young at heart! Young Fu is challenged to a duel. Fu panics. Fu is trained by the Master, but it turns out he is trained not to fight, but to pour tea!  roccoart.com    hyperionbooksforchildren.com

Something You Forgot. . .Along the Way ©2009 by Kentetsu Takamori ISBN 978-0-979-0-471-14 Over 650,000 copies sold in Japan. Would you offer a bowl of rice or a cup of tea to a stranger in need? This simple act of compassion is among many worthy lessons and words of wisdom in this heartwarming book.  Distributed in USA by www.atlasbooks.com

Tea & Etiquette by Dorothea Johnson & Bruce Richardson ©2009 Benjamin Press ISBN 978-0-9793431-6-2 Forget about the raised pinkies - avoid embarrassing tea faux pas - learn rules, rituals and courtesies for a gracious tea time. Introduction by James Norwood Pratt.  Learn History, Tea Tales, Guest Duties, Business Etiquette and more.  www.benjaminpress.com

2010 Love Your Neighborhood calendar, Hospitali-TEA Adventures, will take you to new views and vistas. Through the gorgeous photos, you’ll experience a Canadian tearoom at 7,000 feet, a Korean tea ceremony, and a French garden tea outside Paris. The calendar brims with inexpensive ideas to share hospitali-TEA and kind deeds and an encouraging Scripture verse. Review by Lydia E. Harris
“A Cup of Tea with Lydia,” columnist and author of Preparing My Heart for Grandparenting (Summer 2010)
Adventure Tea Sampler - a package of 12 teas and 12 glossy, blank tea cards that correspond to the 2010 Love Your Neighborhood Tea Calendar. A beautiful assortment of blank cards and a chance to try some different teas. www.loveyourneighborhood.com    813-928-1166




Home Spa Escapes ©2009 Harvest House Publishers w/Artwork by Kathy Hatch ISBN: 978-07369-2303-3  Small and beautiful hardcover gift book filled with great, stress-reducing at-home spa ideas.  It even has some ideas for your pets! www.harvesthousepublishers.com

The Friendship Garden  ©2009 Harvest House Publishers w/Artwork by Lori Siebert ISBN 978-0-7369-2432-0  Another beautiful, small hardcover gift book.  Quotations for New Friends, Old Friends, True Friends and more.  www.harvesthousepublishers.com

Listen to the Wind for young children.   ©2009 Greg Mortenson and Susan L. Roth  ISBN: 978-0-8037-3058-8  A beautifully illustrated hardcover picture book with story and collages - The Story of Dr. Greg & Three Cups of Tea    www.penguin.com/youngreaders

Watch for the sequel to Three Cups of Tea - Stones into Schools - due out Dec. 2009

Three Cups of Tea young reader’s edition ©2009 Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin ISBN: 978-0-14-241412-5  Adapted from best seller Three Cups of Tea.  Updated for young readers to bring Greg’s remarkable story to life. Glossary, photos, illustrations, & reader’s guide with discussion topics.  www.threecupsoftea.com   

Yixing Pottery: The World of Chinese Tea Culture by Chunfang Pan ©2004 Long River Press ISBN 1-59265-018-X  Photo after photo of beautiful Yixing teapots. If you collect and enjoy these, the book is a must.  Learn the origin and development, famous teapot artists, characteristics of Purple Clay, Decorative Methods, Sculpture and Painting.   www.longriverpress.com


Mar/Apr 2010

Afternoon Tea in Southern California  ©2009 by Sherry Evans ISBN: 978-0-9819118-0-9 A guidebook for tea lovers in SoCal, includes tea room recipes, over 70 venues to enjoy afternoon tea, more than 150 tea room photos. Detailed information about every tea room.  Book sales and updates to the tea room listings available at:

The Meaning of Tea by Scott Chamberlin Hoyt Edited with Commentary by Phil Cousineau ©2009 Talking Leaves Press ISBN 978-0-615-20442-0  The book is an exploration of the calm and purposeful nature of tea life, as recorded in several countries around the world - based upon the lyrical documentary by the same name.  Through the many interviews and your own tea journey you will surely find ‘The Meaning of Tea’   Purchase film, books, and music - and watch for film screenings:

Mystery Tea Party  ©2009 by Maxine Holmgren   Gone with the Breeze is the latest Mystery Tea Party plan created following many requests for a plan around dressing up in vintage costumes.  “Charlotte O’Mara is about to lose Kara Plantation because someone has stolen the mortgage money.”  Of course, every guest is a suspect. Another great party! www.mysteryteaparties.com

serendipiTea - a guide to the varieties, origins, and rituals of tea  ©Tea Life, LLC, Illustrations ©1998 by Linda R. Villano  ISBN 978-0-7369-2432-0  Written by the unforgettable, Tomislav Podreka, this book teaches you about tea through the eyes of a charismatic tea lover whose life was devoted to tea.   www.serendipitea.com


The Teaberry Strangler  ©2010 by Laura Childs ISBN: 978-0-425-23245-3 In this Tea Shop Mystery, Theodosia has gotten herself involved in another adventure of murder and personal problems.  Keeps you guessing to the end. Can’t wait for the next book to see how things play out in her life.  laurachilds.com

Heart to Heart ©2010 by Earlene Grey ISBN: 978-0-9843546-0-3  Earlene’s words eloquently express the heartfelt sentiments we all share when we come together for tea. A beautiful gift book. See page 16 for a sampling.    earlenegrey.com

Tea Wisdom ©2009 by Aaron Fisher  ISBN: 978-0-8048-3978-5  
“Inspirational quotes and quips about the world’s most celebrated beverage.”  Something to ponder over your daily cup of tea.  tuttlepublishing.com

The World in Your Teacup ©2010 by Lisa Boalt Richardson and Lauren Rubinstein  ISBN: 978-0-7369-2580-8  Discover the rich culture of tea. Recipes and stories sweep you away to China, England, Kenya, Russia, Iran, France, Morocco, & USA 


Tea Time Journal  ©2009 ISBN: 978-1-60743-881-6
A darling 1950’s inspired tea image adorns the cover of this tea time journal. A handy place to record your special tea gatherings, theme ideas, menus, tea served, table settings, and other photos or momentos. Matching blank cards available. Wholesale avail.  330-818-5919

The Great Teas of China ©2009 by Roy Fong ISBN: 978-0-578-04195-7   An authoritative guide to the tea world of China.  Learn about tea farming, history, culture, artisanal techniques for processing tea leaves. Includes a guide for tea preparation and teaware.

The Way of Tea ©2010 by Aaron Fisher  ISBN: 978-0-8048-4032-3  
Reflections on a Life with Tea - this book connects the reader with ancient wisdom bringing peace and serenity to your tea experiences and to life.  A great book for anyone looking to relax a bit more and connect more deeply with tea.   tuttlepublishing.com

All in This Tea DVD ©2007 Directed by Les Blank & Gina Leibrecht-Produced by Flower Films.  Follow American tea importer David Lee Hoffman to remote regions of China in search of the world’s finest teas.  Experience the search for chemical-free teas.


British Tea and Coffee Cups: 1745-1940 ©2008 by Steven Goss ISBN-13: 978-0-7478-0695-0  An informative book to assist in dating and identifying collectable tea and coffee cups. Learn decoration methods, all about influential factories and more.   shirebooks.co.uk  

Steeped in History: The Art of Tea ©2009 Regents of the University of California  Edited by Beatrice Hohenegger in collaboration with the Fowler Museum ISBN: 978-0-9778344-1-9  This book is beautiful and informative. Very large - coffee tea table book. 12 contributors in all unite the history of tea and the history of art, from east to west. 

Tea Culture ©2010 by Beverly Dubrin ISBN: 978-1-936140-05-3  Learn about tea, its history and origins, ceremonies, herbal options, beauty ideas using tea, and recipe ideas for your next tea gathering. Beautifully illustrated, hardcover book.  imaginebks.com

The Tea Enthusiasts Handbook ©2010 by Mary Lou Heiss and Robert J. Heiss  ISBN: 978-1-58008-804-6  A pocket guide to enjoying the world’s best teas. Explore all types of teas and learn how to buy and store.  Over 35 individual teas with tasting notes and descriptions. A fascinating softcover book.    www.tenspeed.com


Curiosi-tea ©2009 AMNorman
ISBN: 978-0-9806746-0-6  An “obsurd publication!”  Definitely a PG-13 or maybe R-rated book :)
Fun, serious, sometimes silly and obsurd take on tea: Hospitali-tea, Tranquili-tea, False Identi-tea, Infideli-tea, Civili-tea, Absurdi-tea.  The audaci-tea!     www.camelliacha.com   

2011 Calendar from Love Your Neighborhood.  Another beautiful calendar to enjoy all year long. Makes a great gift. Call: 813-928-1166 or visit website www.loveyourneighborhood.com

Sereni-Tea: Sipping Self Success ©2010 Dharlene Marie Fahl  ISBN: 978-0-9844600-3-8  Success starts with ourselves and taking time for tea contributes to your need for balance and sereni-tea - one sip at a time. A great book for reconnecting with yourself & finding success! See Turning Over a New Leaf NovDec2010

Teatime ©2010 by Sharey Monk Studio  A 38 page 7” by 7” book about the impressionist art of Sharey Monk. It is available for $30.95 in hard cover with dust jacket and for $19.95 in soft cover.  So many beautiful images to enjoy throughout. See Society Page NovDec2010 and shareymonkstudio.com


Dark Road to Darjeeling © 2010 by Deanna Raybourn ~ Amid the lush foothills of the Himalayas, on the Cavendish family’s tea plantation, newlyweds Lady Julia and her husband Nicholas Brisbane begin to uncover secrets and scandal, illicit affairs and twisted legacies while on a quest to prevent a tragedy.  MIRAbooks.com

Mini Teatimes © 2010 by
Susan Rios, Harvest House Publishers ~ A beautiful, “mini” hardcover gift book to help you create special and unique, “mini teatimes”.  A joyful collection of quotes, reflections, recipes and more.

Original Sins © 2010 by Peg Kingman (former tea merchant and author of Not Yet Drowned) ~ A riveting new novel of slavery and freedom.  A young woman’s journey into the slave-holding south to discover the fate of a lost child. wwnorton.com

You Can Do Tea © 2010 by Sandy Lynam Clough, Harvest House Publishers ~ Sandy believes anyone can do tea - and you CAN!  Simple recipes, easy etiquette, creative themes and decorations show you how. A beautiful, hardcover book. 



A Little Sweet Tea © 2010 by Christina Bynum Breaux
ISBN: 978-0-7369-2914-1
A darling book to introduce little ones to tea. Each page is hard - great for little fingers to turn without tearing. This book is sure to bring back childhood memories of tea with your sister or friend.    

Scones and Bones © 2011 by Laura Childs  (Berkley Prime Crime Hardcover ISBN: 978-0425238967, on sale March 1)  Another page turner from Laura Childs.  This one has everything, mystery, romance, pirate lore, and as usual tea.  Delightful! penguin.com

Tea and Tea Drinking © 2010 by Claire Masset  ISBN: 978-0747807940  Can you imagine life without tea? There was a time when tea was so expensive only the wealthy could afford it!  Fascinating book explores the evolution of tea over 350 years in British life. shirebooks.co.uk 

The Perfect Blend © 2010 by Trish Perry  ISBN: 978-0-7369-3015-4 Book 1 of the teashop series.  This is a romance novel!  Left at the alter, Steph finds herself in a strange town, but is offered a job at Millicent’s Tea Shop.  Just as she considers dating again, her runaway fiance returns! 



Eating Royally: Recipes and Remembrances from a Palace Kitchen © 2007 by Darren McGrady  ISBN-13: 978-1-4016-0321-2  Much more than a cookbook of recipes Darren served the Royals.   It is a look inside how the Royals live and the extraordinary life of the Royal Chef.  www.theroyalchef.com

Lost and Fondue - A Cheese Shop Mystery by Avery Aames © 2011 Penguin Group  ISBN: 978-0-425-24158-5  A bit of romance, mystery, and murder while enjoying wine and cheese fondue.  Includes recipes for fondue, quiche, and cherry scones.  Deliciously mysterious to the very end.

Royal Weddings © 2011 by Emily Brand - Curious about royalty and weddings in particular?  This book is a must read and chronicles 1,000 years of British Royal Weddings!  Learn all kinds of facts including Kate Middleton & Prince William’s wedding will be the 38th royal wedding held in Westminster Abbey.  www.shirebooks.co.uk

Teapots by Design: A Collector’s Catalogue © 2006 by Unjeria C. Jackson, M.D.  ISBN: 0-7643-2325-3   A beautiful hardcover book for collectors-with price guide.  The author has been collecting since 1994 and her collection includes 950 teapots of all types.  www.schifferbooks.com



Culinary Tea - More than 150 Recipes Steeped in Tradition from Around the World © 2010 by Cynthia Gold & Lise Stern  ISBN: 978-0-7624-3773-3  An exceptionally well done book including a lot of interesting tea history and delicious and unique  ways to use tea in recipes.  runningpresscooks.com



Biscuit Tins © 2011 Published by Shire Publications Ltd.  ISBN: 978-0-74780-425-3 Written by Tracy Dolphin, an expert on the design and history of biscuit tins, herself a collector for over 25 years.  The book provides a very interesting introduction to biscuit tins, design, decorative techniques and the companies who made and sold them. shirebooks.co.uk

Savory Bites © 2010 by Kim Hendrickson ISBN-13: 978-0-9844315-0-2  Third in the series of the Tastefully Small cookbook series. Small bites of flavorful masterpieces can be created with the exceptional recipes in this book.  salviapress.com 

The Ultimate Tea Lover’s Treasury © 2011 by James Norwood Pratt    “A descendant of The Tea Lover’s Treasury,” this updated book covers The Romance of Tea, The Wonders of Tea, and The Practice of Tea in Norwood’s storytelling style so many have come to love over the past 30 years.  teasociety.org



Tea with Bea by Bea Vo © 2011 ISBN: 978-1-84975-143-8 Recipes from Bea’s of Bloomsbury - offering mouthwatering teatime treats in the heart of London since 2008.  Decadent cakes, bars, tarts, scones, and small treats fill the book along with beautiful photographs and ideas for tea parties.rylandpeters.com

A Tea Reader - Living Life One Cup at a Time © 2011 by Katrina Avila Munichiello ISBN-13: 978-0-8048-4176-4  An anthology of readings for tea lovers old and new.  Five types of stories that will speak to you and inspire you - many written by people you may know!  See a sampling from the Tea Rituals story category on page 14 of this issue.tuttlepublishing.com

The Book of Tea by Okakura Kakuzo © 2011 by Benjamin Press & Bruce Richardson While you may be familiar with The Book of Tea, this version is a bit more interesting as Richardson has added more about Okakura, more photography, culture, and interesting history. benjaminpress.com

Murder by Mocha  © 2011 by Cleo Coyle ISBN: 978-0425242728  A Coffeehouse Mystery - tenth in the series.  Clare Cosi, manager and head barista of the landmark Village Blend coffeehouse brews up a new java love potion people are literally dying for as someone tries to uncover the coffee’s secret formula.  A bit of romance and mystery with great recipes too.   penguin.com





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