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The Tea House Times Presents
An Interview with
Bruce Mannis, President,
Pacific Merchants Trading Company

Pacific Merchants Trading Company scours the globe to find the best and most beautiful products on the market.  They leave no stone unturned in the search for the perfect tools and accessories. 

GAIL/THE TEA HOUSE TIMES:  When was Pacific Merchants founded? What is your vision for the company?

BRUCE MANNIS/PACIFIC MERCHANTS:  My wife Celeste and I started Pacific Merchants in 1992.  We have always had one thing in mind - making superior tableware available to a wide audience at excellent prices.  Not only do we specialize in beautiful, classic items, but excellent customer service to go along with it.

GAIL/THE TEA HOUSE TIMES:  What types of products do you offer at your website?

BRUCE MANNIS/PACIFIC MERCHANTS: Our website is home to our Acaciaware® line, acacia woodenware that is made from the fast-growing acacia tree and ecologically harvested, as well as our Mason Cash line of mixing bowls and pudding basins, a full line of high quality placemats and our Price & Kensington tea accessories line.

GAIL/THE TEA HOUSE TIMES:  Do you sell direct to consumers?  Do you offer wholesale pricing to shops wishing to sell your products?

BRUCE MANNIS/PACIFIC MERCHANTS: We have three tiers of our business. First, we offer commercial rates for hotels, resorts and restaurants looking to utilize our items in their business. We enjoy seeing our products in retail stores, so we do have wholesale pricing available. Finally, our direct to consumer business is handled through our e-tore at www.pacificmerchants.com.

GAIL/THE TEA HOUSE TIMES:  We first met at one of the trade shows in New York City.  Your booth drew me in immediately with the attractive display of colorful teapots.  I am sure many tea room owners will want to purchase your display since it is so colorful, high quality, and easy to restock once a teapot is sold.  Tell us about this display in particular.

BRUCE MANNIS/PACIFIC MERCHANTS: We really enjoy doing what we can to simplify the sales process for retailers, so coming up with our rack program was a no-brainer. Retailers who order a full stock of our tea pots ($282) receive a display rack valued at $150 for just the cost of shipping. The rack comfortably and safely houses 12 two-cup tea pots and 24 six-cup tea pots. We also have rack programs available for our tea caddies and tea mugs.

GAIL/THE TEA HOUSE TIMES:  Tell us more about your products specifically related to the enjoyment of tea.

BRUCE MANNIS/PACIFIC MERCHANTS: I believe that tea is one of the timeless luxuries that anyone can enjoy and that in this day and age it is the perfect escape. With that in mind, we began offering various sizes of tea sets in order to make tea more accessible to the general public. We have our great tea-for-ones, which are just the right size for one person, our three piece tea pot, creamer, and sugar bowl set, and our five piece set complete with a two cup tea pot, two tea caddies and two tea mugs. Additionally, for the tea-focused entertainer, we have our nine piece set that offers a six cup tea pot, four tea caddies, and four tea mugs.

GAIL/THE TEA HOUSE TIMES:  I notice your website was redesigned recently and it is easy to search for tea related merchandise.  The selection is great.  The animal shaped creamers are adorable too.  Please share some information about the brands you represent, particularly Price & Kensington.

BRUCE MANNIS/PACIFIC MERCHANTS: Price & Kensington is a stoke pottery line that has been around for over 100 years. What really attracted me to Price & Kensington were their traditional Brown Betty tea pots, functional use, and their timeless appearance. We’ve also just recently added a line of Blue Willow tea items and the new animal shaped creamers. We’re very excited for the future with these items as they are available at a very reasonable price point while being very attractive.

GAIL/THE TEA HOUSE TIMES:  How do you “go green?”

BRUCE MANNIS/PACIFIC MERCHANTS:  One of my favorite parts about “going green” is our ability to repurpose packaging material. A machine in our warehouse breaks down used boxes for us and partially shreds them, making them the perfect packaging when shipping goods to consumers and retailers. Additionally, our Acaciaware® line is made from the second-fastest growing wood on the planet, Acacia, and ecologically harvested from government regulated private lands so that we don’t destroy the tree species or its habitat.

GAIL/THE TEA HOUSE TIMES:  Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

BRUCE MANNIS/PACIFIC MERCHANTS: I hope your readers enjoyed reading this interview and that they’ll stop by our website to check out what we have to offer.

Be sure to visit http://www.pacificmerchants.com to view their beautiful variety of products.

Visiting the World Tea Expo in June, 2011?  Pacific Merchants products will be represented by Tea Bureau in Booth #307. Stop by to place orders for the fabulous teapot display and more!

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