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From time to time, The Tea House Times will share an interview with one of our regular advertisers, circulate the interview to our email list and post here at our website. 

This month we are interviewing:


Lady Caroline is a member of a local Tea Guild in Portland, Oregon and also the National Ladies Tea Guild. Before her 20 years in business offices, she spent 11 years selling crystal and china and serving the public with enchanting ideas for entertaining.   After many years of passion for the tea business, Lady Caroline decided to launch her business on the Internet in order to contact as many tea lovers, like her, and offer the highest quality of products. Her desire to own a tea business has been a part of her fantasies since childhood. She has started with the products she herself has loved for many years and wanted to share with her customers. It is her desire that you will enjoy them and increase the pleasure of “Teatime” with your family and friends.


GAIL/THE TEA HOUSE TIMES: Tell us about the tea you have enjoyed for over 25 years.


LADY CAROLINE:  [Carolyn Corn]  This tea is called “Market Spice” and comes from the MarketSpice® Tea Shop in Seattle, Washington in the Pike Place Market. The teas we offer on our website are solely from that shop. If you love Seattle, you are sure to know and love this tea. Since I was born in Washington, it seemed only fitting to market a tea that was manufactured in that state as well.


GAIL/THE TEA HOUSE TIMES:  What other types of products do you offer for sale?


LADY CAROLINE:  [Carolyn Corn] has chosen the following products to enhance your tea time experience. We carry MarketSpice® Tea, Iced Tea, African Red Bush (Rooibos) Tea, MS Green Tea, MS Rooibos Tea, Ivéta Gourmet Scone, Muffin, Biscuit & Cupcake Baking mixes, Clotted Cream, Curds, Organic Jams, Brown Betty Teapots, Tea Cozies, and Tea Accessories.


GAIL/THE TEA HOUSE TIMES:  Tell us about Brown Betty Teapots.


LADY CAROLINE:  [Carolyn Corn] Genuine Brown Betty Teapots are still made in Stoke-on-Trent, formed from clay which comes from the same area where elder Brothers found clay in the year 1695. The method of producing was "Jolleying" but over the years it is now modified to slip casting which gives the pot an even thickness and smooth finish both inside and out. 

Succeeding generations of English men have proved that the Brown Betty, as these Red Ware teapots are affectionately known, make the best pot of tea in the world. The shape of the pot causes the tea leaves to be gently swirled around as the boiling water is added, thus producing an exquisite infusion. The Red Terracotta Clay with its Rockingham glaze, coddles the brew and gives the perfect cup of tea.


GAIL/THE TEA HOUSE TIMES:  I see you also offer the following, very special tea related products:  Flowering Teas, TeaStations by Pino, tea cozies, tea accessories, Tea Lover’s Chocolates.  Please tell us about the TeaStations.


LADY CAROLINE:[Carolyn Corn]  I personally use the Stainless Steel model of Pino's TeaStations in my personal kitchen. I use it for heating water for many uses. One of which is in making my favorite Market Spice iced tea by the gallon and also for creating short cuts in the kitchen when bringing water to a boil for pasta's, potatoes, and many other items. It is so quick it can beat the time of a microwave and produce larger amounts. Not a day goes by that I do not use my station. Anyone visiting my house always asks where I got mine. Of course I love this question as it gives me the opportunity to refer them to my website.


GAIL/THE TEA HOUSE TIMES:  Tell us about the Tea Lover’s Chocolates.  Many tea rooms and speakers are hosting tea and chocolate pairings.  Can you recommend some pairings of these chocolates with the teas you sell?


LADY CAROLINE:[Carolyn Corn]  A moment of pleasure and delight! These tins come in three kinds of chocolates that pair greatly with tea! The white chocolates go great with green teas, the dark chocolates with black teas, and the milk chocolates with chai teas. They are packaged together, one tin of each that can be separated into three separate gifts or as that very special gift of all three. These are great to keep on hand for that little something you need unexpectedly.


GAIL/THE TEA HOUSE TIMES:  Thanks for sharing your product line with our readers. 


Please visit or call 503-484-3242


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