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From time to time, The Tea House Times will share an interview with one of our regular advertisers, circulate the interview to our email list and post here at our website. 

This month we are interviewing:


Granny’s Tea Cozies was founded by Sharon Hahn in 2005.   Granny’s Tea Cozies offers tea cozies in three sizes + custom sizes, dome shaped mug cozies, scented hot pads, tea cup/saucer carriers, 8 compartment jewelry sacks, tea bag wallets in many fabrics, tea cups and tea pots (plain, fancy, and hand painted), various flavors of teas, scone mix, tea accessories, night lights, red hat items, scone/tortilla warmer bags, and more.  Sharon says, “We Specialize In Pretty!!”


GAIL/THE TEA HOUSE TIMES:  Your tag line is very fitting - “We Specialize in Pretty”.  The tea cozies and the nightlights and Red Hat clothing, etc. are all quite pretty.  I particularly like the nightlights. Tell us about these.


SHARON HAHN/GRANNY’S TEA COZIES: Our night lights come in both tea cup and tea pot shapes.  The plug in base rotates 90 degrees, so you can install it in both horizontal and vertical receptacles.  They are great birthday, Christmas, Just Thinking about you gifts.  We also have another night light that sits on your table or shelf that is in the shape and actual size of a teapot.  The tea pot has decorated holes in the pot for the light to get out and it sits on a base where you can put a battery flickering light or a votive candle.  We include the battery flickering light, in the event there are small children in the home or an elderly person, so there is no fear of a fire.  Our night lights are very nicely priced and are some of our best selling items.


GAIL/THE TEA HOUSE TIMES:  I see your tea cozies come in three sizes and may also be custom ordered.  Tell us about the style and design of your tea cozies and how they are used. 


SHARON HAHN/GRANNY’S TEA COZIES:  We are now offering three sizes...2-3 cup is the small, 4-6 is medium size, and 6-8 cup is the large size cozy. Our tea cozies are reversible, so you get two tea cozies for the price of one.  If you should have an odd shape tea pot we will work with our customers to get a size that keeps the beverage hot for several hours. We have preferred the snuggle style in that the tea cozy stays on the teapot, even while pouring, so there is no on and off movements. We have, up to now only offered the "snuggle" style...but we have had many request for the dome shape and are now making the dome shape tea cozy upon request...these too will be offered in the 3 different sizes.  Our tea cozies are all hand made here in the USA by me.


GAIL/THE TEA HOUSE TIMES:  Tell us about the scented hot pads.  Sounds like it would make a nice coaster at my desk and offer a soothing scent as well.  Are these for teapots, teacups or both?

What are the scents? 


SHARON HAHN/GRANNY’S TEA COZIES: We almost cannot keep these scented hot pads on hand.  Many of our customers are repeat customers, as they LOVE the scented hot pads.  The pads can be placed in the microwave and heated (place a cup of water in the microwave also to add moisture).  The hot pads can be used on your neck or any sore spot to relieve aches and pains.  Other customers said they have put them in a plastic bag and put them into the freezer and used as an ice pack...To think I only thought of using them for putting under my tea pots!!!  We have also had customers tells us that they have used them in their closets to freshen up the clothes, or in their car for an air freshener....amazing.


As for the scents....To begin with, I tried to keep the scents to the food line....sugar & spice, pumpkin pie, cinnamon, gingerbread, butterscotch cookie, etc.  Then when additional uses came up we branched out to Plumeria, Dozen Roses, Lilac, Honeysuckle....your imagination is the limit.  We have a great place where we get all our scents and they will stay fresh smelling for quite a while; if, when you are not using them, you place the pad in a zip-lock bag.


GAIL/THE TEA HOUSE TIMES:  Please describe the teabag wallet and the teacup/saucer carriers.


SHARON HAHN/GRANNY’S TEA COZIES:  Our tea bag wallet has two sections where you can carry your teabag in one and sweetener in the other section.  It is kept closed with Velcro.  You can also use one of the sections for your business cards or your credit cards.  We can make these to match the tea cozies, or make them in any fabric of your choosing.  We can make an entire ensemble of the tea cozy, scented hot pad, tea wallet, Kleenex holder, jewelry sack, tea cup/saucer carrier, etc.  We have just found some wonderful tea theme fabric and they are so pretty!!


Our tea cup/saucer carrier/purse is fully insulated. There is a padded square piece to place between the cup and the saucer, then pull the draw string tight and it will close at the top.  With the insulation, there is no fear of breakage.  These too are made in any fabric of your choice.


GAIL/THE TEA HOUSE TIMES:  I see you are selling Victorian House Scone mix - A recipient of The Tea House Times’ Seal of Approval! - I personally enjoy the original mix so I can add my own ingredients such as chocolate chips. I also love the Chai Tea scones.  Do you or your customers have a favorite or best seller?


SHARON HAHN/GRANNY’S TEA COZIES: The Lemon Poppy seed scone mix and the Gingerbread, along with the Chai Tea scones are some of our best sellers.


GAIL/THE TEA HOUSE TIMES:  Tell us about your Red Hat merchandise.  It is nice that you offer them some nice fashions - for a fun tea time outing!


SHARON HAHN/GRANNY’S TEA COZIES: Going out to Tea is what got me started making and selling the tea cozies.  Once I started with the Red Hat groups in Las Vegas, there was no turning was sort of like, Hang on tight, because this is going to be a WILD RIDE.  Living part time in Las Vegas offers me the opportunity to attend many of the larger Trade Shows, so with my business license I decided to buy and sell the Red Hat items to my Red Hat Sisters at a more reasonable rate than what the retail stores offer.  I have everything from custom hats, clothing in red and purple, also beautiful 2 and 3 piece suits, custom jewelry, rhinestone jewelry, lots of bling-bling rings, gloves, boas, feathers, purse hangers, hand painted tea sets, mugs, tea 4 ones, purses, fans, door stops, magnetic stands, jewelry stands. We also carry crystal and gold ornaments, sun catchers, and wind chimes.   If someone comes to my website from the Tea House Times, I will give them a 10% discount just as I give my Red Hat sisters a 10% discount on their purchases.


GAIL/THE TEA HOUSE TIMES:  Do you offer wholesale, and if so, which products and how can a retailer contact you for wholesale pricing?


SHARON HAHN/GRANNY’S TEA COZIES:  Yes, I offer wholesale prices on all my items, just contact me through my website with your business information, along with your tax ID number and a copy of your business card and an invoice from two of your vendors.


GAIL/THE TEA HOUSE TIMES:  Do you have any new products you would like to tell us about?


SHARON HAHN/GRANNY’S TEA COZIES:  The new products I have are the tea bag wallet, the Kleenex holder, and I am working on a handbag "insert".  When you change your purse, you just lift out the insert and place in a new purse, this way you have the same items from one purse to the is not out quite yet though...but should be with in the next couple of weeks.


We travel from coast to coast doing various events and trade shows and festivals.  We have done several Red Hat conventions, along with different Red Hat State conventions.  We have also done the Parke County Covered Bridge Festival; this is a 10 day show held every year in October.  Plus we have done several Bed & Breakfast conventions and hope to do more.  We will do Festivals and events that are 2 days or longer and are always looking for new areas to get people excited about the tea industry, so if anyone would be interested in having us as a vendor, let us know.


GAIL/THE TEA HOUSE TIMES:  Thanks for taking time to share with us. 


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