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Tea Bureau is ~

  • A service provided by The Tea House Times™ publication. 

  • A Resource Directory of Tea Industry businesses, services, info, and news. 

  • A facility for making connections and networking within the tea community.

  • Tea Bureau is for Consumers and Retail

  • Tea Bureau is for Trade and Wholesale

  • Tea is a healthy, affordable little luxury for everyone in the world!

  • Together as a TEAM we are making positive connections.  Join Us!

Tea Bureau connects tea business owners to industry professionals, products, services, expertise, everything needed to start or grow a successful tea business. 


Tea Bureau connects consumers to Tea Rooms, events, tea party ideas, recipes, tea businesses, gift products, speakers, entertainment, and more. 


Tea Bureau also serves as  a Speakers Bureau, a News Bureau and a source for making connections both with the trade and with consumers with growing inteest in tea and everything good that goes with it.



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What is Tea Bureau?  Tea Bureau is a facility for making connections with consumers and tea industry professionals.  Tea Bureau is an extension of services provided by The Tea House Times publication. Tea Bureau connects consumers and tea businesses to all facets of the tea industry.   Bookmark our site for frequent visits and usage to view updates and keep on top of trends. www.teabureau.com    

When and why was Tea Bureau formed?  Since 2003, The Tea House Times print publication has served mainly those interested in Victorian or English style tea service.  In 2008, Tea Bureau was formed to provide a place for all types of tea businesses to connect and reach out to consumers.  In addition, it is a place for news and articles that might not otherwise fit into our print publication yet are significant and worthy for reading and publication in another form - on the internet.  In today's world people want and need access to both print and online information.  With the addition of Tea Bureau, we can provide both.

Who can use Tea Bureau?  Anyone with access to the internet may access the pages of Tea Bureau to read articles and news, find tea rooms and tea businesses, tea party ideas, recipes, free games, events, tours, speakers and more.  New business owners may use Tea Bureau as a resource for finding associations, training, business advice, trade events, wholesale resources, and much more.

How do I use Tea Bureau?  From the home page of Tea Bureau, information is categorized for easy access - of interest to consumers or of interest to those in the tea trade.  Near the top of the page is a Table of Contents with general information broken out into these two interest groups.  The links within this first Table of Contents will bring you further down the page direct to consumer or trade connections.  A Second Table of Contents, just below the first one, is a list of direct links for information of interest to both consumers and trade.  Click on links or company logos or buttons to access information or visit other business websites.

Who can join Tea Bureau?  By joining we mean adding the name of your business to our tea business and resource directory listings or Speakers Bureau via Tea Bureau.    

What is the cost to list my business on Tea Bureau home page? The cost is equal to or less than print advertising in our publication.  Fees are below standards for print advertising and online promotions.  The cost to list your business is less than most companies charge for one month or even one week of online advertising.  We believe in working together so everyone saves money. Co-op Marketing at its finest.

Can I arrange a payment plan? A simple monthly payment works automatically when you log in for site access.

How do I join? How can I get pricing/rates for Tea Bureau?  If you are interested in listing your business or service in Tea Bureau, please Register on the home page of www.theteahousetimes.com  Once registered, log in to get started.  If you are unsure if this is right for you, please contact us with your name, title, your business name, business address, email address, website url, telephone number, # years in business, and a short description of your business and products or services offered.  We are only listing businesses with direct connection to the tea industry with products and services of interest to tea business owners and consumers who visit tea rooms, tea salons, tea shops, and shop tea related businesses.  Businesses under consideration for listing within Tea Bureau may be asked to provide references.  We reserve the right to accept or decline acceptance into Tea Bureau.

What is the procedure for submitting news releases about my business?  Once you register and log in, you will find a Getting Started page with all the details you need.   Tea Bureau Members may submit one news release per month.  Your news may be mentioned to our email group and directed to our site for reading.  We feel this is a very worthwhile service and a bonus to our members.  How many news releases do you send out over the years in hopes of a mention somewhere?  The fact is that most publications will only use your news if they need to fill space or have a particular article that some of your news can be incorporated into.  Tea Bureau Member News reaches people who care about the tea industry for certain and it is the best place to gain more exposure for your news releases.

What is the procedure for submitting articles? Once you register and log in, you will find details in the Getting Started document.  Tea Bureau Members may submit one article per month.  This is a value added bonus for our members as you can demonstrate your expertise to the public and other tea businesses through informative articles in relation to tea and its enjoyment and other business practices.

How is Tea Bureau publicized to benefit my business listing? Tea Bureau is a service of The Tea House Times.  Our website receives over 1.5 million hits per month and we are consistently ranked in the top 10 websites for tea.  We drive traffic here through our own publication, outside print and online ads, links, and word of mouth referrals in addition to direct mailings to tea room owners and consumers nationwide.  We work hard to aid in your success!  We work hard to connect tea businesses and consumers in every way possible.  In addition to our website and print publication, we run email promotions, and have paid ads in multiple tea and consumer magazines.

JOIN Tea Bureau, USE Tea Bureau.  See how networking with professionals in our industry can help your business grow.  Together as a TEAM we can reach more consumers interested in this wonderful, growing industry. 

Read what George Jage, former World Tea Expo President, had to say about Tea Bureau: 

The Tea House Times has proven to be a well-connected and dynamic resource for the tea community and with the energy and insight of Publisher/Editor, Gail Gastelu, the Tea Bureau will certainly be another successful resource to help fuel the growth of the tea industry.”  

George Jage, President, World Tea Expo, www.worldteaexpo.com

The Tea House Times co-op ads also show reference to Tea Bureau.  Our combined advertising efforts are reaching over 500,000 readers through print and over one million online.

Want to meet us?  If you are a tea business owner, visit The Tea House Times booth at World Tea Expo every year.   www.worldteaexpo.com  

How can I get more information about advertising with The Tea House Times publication or Tea Bureau or Tea Speakers Bureau?

Once logged in - you will find more details about print ads.  If contacting us, please include the following information:  Your name and title, your business name, business address, email address, website url, telephone number, # years in business, and a short description of your business and products or services offered.  

If you are a Tea Room Owner, we offer special promotion packages as well. See Why Log in on the home page of www.theteahousetimes.com for more details on publicizing your tearoom and distributing our publication.  If your tea room needs a presence on the internet, we can help with that too.

If you are a Tea related Business Owner, we offer print advertising in The Tea House Times publication, a direct mailing service to Victorian/English style tea room owners, or a listing with tea business resources at Tea Bureau.  More details once logged in.

BONUS: If you participate in any of the above ways to publicize your business, you are also invited to participate in our co-op ads in various other publications - great way to stretch your ad budget.

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